Ashley Resch

Owner & Co-Founder of Boss Babe Movement

At 16 years old it was the first time in my life that I realized being privileged and having money doesn't make your life easy. At 16 I was forced to grow up quickly, protect myself, and become my biggest support. Saying fitness saved me would be a lie, but saying that it has become my life is the truth. Fitness has become my outlet for anything good or anything bad. From the best day of my life to the worst its the one place I can count on and the one thing that I can do to make my day better. 

When I had the idea of BBmovement I was looking for a community; a group of women & men alike to support and be supported for being authentically who we are. Being a boss babe is about living yourself regardless of judgement. Being placed into a public eye judgement is bound to happen and regardless of others I have never been happier because I am confident in myself, what I am doing and who I am. 

My life has been privileged but it has not been easy- that being said I wouldn't change it for the world. 



That I am unstoppable.


Find Ashley Here: 

@ashleyresch- Snapchat