Auria Geskin

Co-Founder of Boss Babe  Movement


Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta I discovered fitness as a form of therapy to cope with my depression.

With hard work and alot of goal setting (then goal CRUSHING) I began to truly love my body and loved to constantly improving myself mentally and physically.

Continuously pushing my limits day in and day out showed me that I can do anything I put my mind to.

Lifting heavy and giving my all at the gym is my happy place. My goal is to teach you the tools to have the confidence to be a BOSS BABE everyday.


From Ashley Resch - Founder & Owner of Boss Babe Movement

"Auria is someone who I crave to be around, constantly people are struggling to find authenticity and Auria is one of the most authentic, positive and strong women I have had the chance to get to know. Throughout all of her struggles in life she is constantly looking forward and keeps moving forward at a remarkable speed because nothing in this world will ever slow her down."  



That I can no longer take no for an answer. 


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