Boss Babe: Kendra McGowan

This Boss Babe is truly one of the kindest souls you will ever come across. This gorgeous lady has a background in functional kinesiology as well as; massage therapy, hormonal health, Gua Sha therapy, and more. Kendra also is an experienced Bikini competitor and coach.... CHECK OUT THIS INCREDIBLE INTERVIEW BELOW (Above are pictures of Kendra, her friends, boyfriend Elijah, and freaking adorable pup Kilo)

What are your biggest motivators in life? 

The biggest thing that motivates me is to show my parents I can do it on my own. I grew up with extremely good values and exceptionally close family and my motivation has always been to prove to them that I had made the right decision. I dropped out of your typical post grad education to pick the brains of the best of the best who I would also consider my motivators. Learning is definitely one of my biggest motivators to keep doing what I’m doing. It’s pretty cool to have people come up to me now and say “omg, you're the girl that does the thing with the muscles.” Oh body work? Yeah thats me. As for the people that motivate me, my family is number one, they've been by my side through it all, have picked me up when I have fallen down and have carried me across the finish line. Heck, I was at a point after I had first dropped out of school that my brother paid for my rent, I couldn't take my mom out for lunch, nothing. Now, through perseverance and showing this world what I’m made of I take them out now and I’m at the top of my game. My boyfriend motivates me too, his smile pushes me forward and most men wouldn't want a women who works all over the world. But he takes me with a grain of salt and loves me unconditionally, he is my rock and my sounding board. So I guess you could say, to not let these amazing people down is my BIGGEST MOTIVATOR. 


The why to what I do is simple. I help people become the best versions of themselves and to see them shine is my why. “Designer Bodies by Kendra” and “Live you Designer Life,” were created as my coaching and bodywork platforms to resemble my why. Designer Bodies is obvious: Its your body, your design and Im the fire underneath working your muscles to unleash their full potential. “Live your Designer Life” on the other hand is lifestyle coaching platform. Why is living your designer life so important? Because I want all of my clients and the people I approach to live a life truly made of their dreams and passions. I want my clients to live the life they have always wanted. Why? because who doesn't want financial freedom, to wake up everyday with intention and love for what they're doing? That's why I do what I do. For goodness sake Im on a plane coming home from working on a client as I type this. I get to come home to my Range Rover, house, family and work from home because my passion has lead me to do so. I want all of my clients to reap this success! That is my WHY 

How do I impact my community by being a boss babe? 

I love to help people in all parts of my community. I’m still pretty new to Edmonton as a whole but I'm pretty integrated in the fitness industry. I like to help girls with posing, I let any of my female clients take from my clothes as I know the industry tightens up our budgets. I would eventually like to give a portion of my bodywork proceeds to the MS and or Alzheimer’s association. Or have a charity lift event. My family has always taught me that being charitable and humble is an extremely important part of success. As well as in the next couple of classes I take with the ANF Academy I would like to offer to fly one of my clients with me to have work done on them by one of my teachers or colleges. Being a boss babe and creating a career where I am now financially at ease allows me to also surprise one of the most influential women in my life by getting her competition glam done and getting one of my suits. This girl knows who she is and she knows how damn important she is to me! 

What does being a boss babe mean to me? 

Being a boss babe means working for what you want, succeeding with what you have in front of you and making the best of every situation. You take life by the horns and love to watch others succeed and grow with you. Being a boss babe to me means you fix everyones crown, not just your own. 

Favorite healthy recipe? On my blog “Have it your way” has a few of my fav. The 

Butternut Squash Brownies are legit my life... I make them and eat the whole pan to myself. Sorry. No Shame. 

What would I tell my younger self? 

That a judge does not determine your self worth. That you are beautiful no matter what and you shine brighter than any plastic trophy that will ever be handed to you. Don't let people get in your head, NEVER, you are unique and you are you, and thats special. Oh and Id definitely tell them the trick my mom taught me. Every time you get paid do this: get 31 envelopes and put $20 in each of them. That is your spending money for the day. Don't spend it one day? you have 40 the next... keep it going and therefore you will actually have the money to take care of yourself at the end of the month. You really don't understand how much money it costs to be beautiful until you have to balance it with your rent and other bills. Use this method to treat yourself and watch your stress decrease! 

How do I keep a positive mindset and keep the haters out? 

This is something I tell all of my clients and it stands as my easiest way to stay positive and block out the haters. “If someone is looking at you in the gym, making you feel uncomfortable, calling you ugly, not allowing you to be yourself... they aren't focussed on themselves and they truly don't know the importance of self-improvement and self-evolving. We are supposed to accept each other and lift each other up, not put them down.” When I first started training I was with a bad coach, I was extremely depleted and this put my hormones out of whack. I therefore got bad acne and parents of kids I graduated with claimed that it was because I moved to the city and did ecstasy... sorry what?... A) who are you to judge and B) you're supposed to be an adult. Either way I was very upset with this comment and cried to my brother on the phone, he told me this: “All talk is good talk and take it as a compliment, if you weren’t alive these people would be so bored they have nothing to talk about.” He was right, and too this day those are a couple simple sayings that keep my head above water and keep the haters out. 

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