Boss Babe: Alicia Chiesa

Alicia is a marketing professional, fitness model and bikini competitor in Calgary, AB. She currently works as a Marketing Coordinator for Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation and as a personal trainer for TayC Fitness. Alicia is a sponsored athlete with Magnum Nutraceuticals, MuscleRich Apparel, Reflex Supplements and Performance Panties. She has been published in Oxygen, Natural Muscle Magazine and most recently, Inside Fitness Hot & Fit 100. Outside of the gym, she loves being outdoors, travelling, hiking and spending time with friends and family. Alicia is currently prepping for her fourth fitness competition, upcoming photoshoots and the Olympia Expo.

What are your biggest motivations in life?

My biggest motivators in life are the people around me and myself. It is so important to surround yourself with positive, like-minded people that support and encourage you to reach your goals. Having mentors in my life such as my coach, Tea Cuk and my Magnum teammate, Holly Barker has motivated and encouraged me to always strive to be better. I also motivate myself in that I always want to keep improving, growing and pushing myself. As they say: “You are the only thing standing in your way”. You have to believe in yourself and ultimately find motivation and strength from within in order to accomplish everything you want to.

How are you going to impact your community with being a Boss Babe?

As a Boss Babe, I truly just want to inspire others to live a healthier, happier life and feel good both inside and outside. I want to be a source of inspiration for women and show them that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to. I also want to be an example that you can achieve the body you want in a healthy way – no two hours of a cardio a day, gimmick products or performance enhancing drugs needed. If I can encourage or inspire just one person to make healthy changes in their life, that means the world to me. I don’t plan on ever giving up this lifestyle and when I have a family, I want to inspire them to also be healthy and set a good precedent.

What does being a Boss Babe mean to you?

To me being a boss babe means relentlessly pursuing your passions and goals, while supporting, empowering and encouraging others to pursue theirs. I’m all about women empowering women and believe there is room for us all to shine. A boss babe is constantly growing, learning and working hard to achieve everything she wants in life. She believes there are no obstacles in which she cannot overcome and will never give up on her hopes and dreams. A boss babe is driven, passionate, kind and humble and never forgets where she started.

How did you get your start in the industry?

I have gone to the gym for as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t until I became a personal trainer at an all ladies gym, that I really started to take it seriously. I started to put on muscle, train consistently and eat right. Then I found my coach, Tea Cuk of TayC Fitness and worked with her for years to transform my body. Once I felt that I had built enough muscle, I decided it was time to compete. Competing in my first show opened so many doors for me and really introduced me to the fitness industry. I didn’t even know what a sponsorship was or know much about this industry until after my first competition. Competing can get a bad rep, but if you do it properly in a healthy way, it can really help get your foot in the door in the fitness industry. It is the hardest thing I have done both mentally and physically, but so worth it to see your body change weekly and to prove to yourself that you can do it and be that disciplined.

Name one thing about the fitness industry you would like to see change?

I think the only thing I would like to see change in this industry is less ego. Being in this industry, being shredded, having Instagram followers etc. doesn’t make you better than anyone else. I don’t stand for big egos, bullying or publicly shaming others bodies. This is why I absolutely love what you’re doing with the Boss Babe Movement. Our community should be supporting each other and lifting each other up, which is usually the case!

What’s your favorite healthy recipe?

To be honest with you, I’m not much of a cook. I eat the plainest meals and I’m okay with that! One thing that saves me during my prep though is protein mug cake.

What would you tell your younger self that was just starting in the fitness industry?

I got more involved in the fitness industry when I was a bit older (my 20s). What I would tell younger people getting into the industry is to just stay grounded, be humble and know that you can always improve. Also, believe that your dreams will come true, visualize them coming true and you’ll be surprised what can happen. Never give up!

How do you keep a positive mindset and keep the haters out?

I’m really just a positive person and I surround myself with positive, happy, motivating people as well. I did deal with a lot of hate in high school and my biggest advice would be to rise above it. Don’t let negativity, rumors or put downs get to you. If anything, the negativity and hate I dealt with in high school motivated me to do something with my life and push myself harder. Know that usually anyone who hates, bullies etc. likely has things going on in their life and insecurities that cause them to be the way they are. Show them love and they won’t know what to do. ;)

Favorite booty exercise?

Where do I start!? Glutes are one of my favorite parts to train. I love cable kickbacks, banded kickbacks, cable pull throughs, single leg hack squats, curtsey lunges and barbell hip thrusts.

How did you become a sponsored athlete?

Social media! Social media is huge for marketing yourself and connecting with the brands you love. Pay attention to who is following you and commenting on your posts. Also, just be yourself and be real on social media! One of the things that Markus Kaulius, the president of Magnum, told me he liked about my social media is that I was smiling in pictures, showing my personality and dressing up as a princess for my niece’s birthday party etc. You need to build your own brand and establish yourself before reaching out to sponsors. If you love a company and their products, promote them on social media and make sure you tag them in your posts. Once you’ve established your own brand, then you can write a letter, almost like a cover letter/resume, to the brands you love to request sponsorship. Make sure you tell the company you are approaching what YOU can do for them and what you love about their products.

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