Boss Babe: Courtney Ustrzycki

What are your biggest motivators in life? 

My biggest motivator is the person I know I am capable of becoming. Sure, I have other women who I admire for their strength and positive outlook on life, but I believe that comparing myself to others will get me nowhere in life. I am motivated by knowing that I can continually improve, whether it be with the weight on the bar, my thriving online coaching business, or with my mental well being and self-love.

What has your fitness journey been like? 

My fitness journey started (I’m sure) like many women; inspired by the women who graced fitness magazine covers and thought that more cardio and light weights meant carving out a shredded physique. I didn’t want to get big and bulky, because at one point, I too thought that was what happened when you lifted big weights. Although I am what I like to call a “powerbuilder” right now (a mix between a powerlifter and a bodybuilder) I feel like my fitness mindset and focus is based upon building a well-rounded and functional physique. It’s more than just what I look like. I want to be able to move well, have a strong body that can push big weights, but also be explosive with heavy Kettlebell swings and be able to perform push ups with grace and ease.  Although I did have a lot of trial and error in my past fitness journey, it’s all lead me to where I am today, and I wouldn’t change anything.


Can you share with our readers a little bit more about powerlifting and how you got into the sport?

Powerlifting consists of the three most optimal lifts: squat, bench press and deadlift. There are many variations of each movement (ie. high bar or low bar squat; sumo or conventional deadlift) and that variation is going to depend on the person and their body mechanics.

I spent years trying different workout routines and got bored of going into the gym day after day without any real purpose or definitive goal to strive towards. I spent a few months really trying to get into Olympic Weightlifting (moves like the clean and jerk and the snatch), but unfortunately it caused more emotional stress than enjoyment. It’s an extremely technical sport that requires strength, mobility and exact timing. I dabbled around in some powerlifting programming during that time as well and really took a liking to it. Although I am passionate about powerlifting, it’s not my only fitness passion, so I like to incorporate quite a bit of bodybuilding accessory work as well, so I can build a very functional aesthetic physique.

The powerlifting community, especially women, is so unbelievably empowering. Finding likeminded ladies on social emdia and in my surrounding cities to workout with and share stories and to build each other up, is more than I could have ever imagined it be. Everyone is so positive, and although it is a competitive sport, most of the members really just want to see everyone do their best and hit their lifts. In competitions, everyone is cheering, and it’s really motivating!

What is your WHY?

This is the perfect question. Just recently I create a YouTube video ( explaining exactly what my WHY is.

My WHY is all about helping others, which is what my online business is based on (online nutrition and fitness coaching.) I thrive on helping others unlock their goals through nutrition and fitness. I do this in the healthiest way possible, ensuring that their mental well being is maintained at the highest level possible during their journey. I provide clients with the emotional support that they may need during challenging weeks. My WHY has grown over the last couple years and is always pushing me to pursue more opportunities to not only grow myself but to help my clients grow as well. When they win, then I win. And to me, there isn’t much more rewarding then that feeling; knowing that I have truly changed the lives of others for the better.


How do you/ plan to impact your community by being a Boss Babe?

By being a Boss Babe I plan to impact my community by opening up and sharing my struggles along my journey. I have been through the ups and downs of body dysmorphic disorder, yo-yo dieting, name-calling, body shaming, weight fluctuations and some of the biggest personal challenges I have ever had to face. Once I learned the importance of a healthy personal relationship (including with both food and exercise) I really became empowered, making me feel like a true Boss Babe. I still experience many challenging situations and by being real, raw and vulnerable, I have been able to connect with so many other women across social media. I plan to continue to share my experiences so that together, we can build up even more Boss Babes into a thriving community.


What does being a Boss Babe mean to you? 

Being a Boss Babe is so much more than physical strength and being strong. Being strong is about empowering others around you, so that you can also feel empowered yourself. It’s about having a healthy relationship with your inner self and learning the importance of self-love; because you need to love yourself before you can let others love you. It’s about having a healthy rounded well being, for mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Being a Boss Babe to me isn’t about owning a business; it’s about owning your life and everything that you stand for. It’s about being vulnerable and raw, yet not being afraid of the opinions of others, because that’s just what they are: their own opinion. Being a Boss Babe is truly uplifting and I want to show ladies that anyone can be a Boss Babe!


What is one thing you would tell your younger self that was just starting out?

Anything you really want, you can have; you just have to put in the work and believe you are worth of it. It’s like manifesting success; you need to truly believe wholeheartedly that you are capable of anything and everything that you set your mind to. Too often when I was younger I would question myself and settle for less, because I didn’t want to make waves. Well ‘younger Courtney,’ I’ve got news for you: you’re a fierce ocean and you NEED to make waves!


How do you keep a positive mindset and keep the haters out?

I keep a positive mindset when dealing with negative people through practice. It wasn’t always easy for me to brush off rude comments on social media, especially when my entire focus of my platform is to create a positive atmosphere. My personal mantra is, “I know my truth and that is my power.” Once I developed that mantra, I understood that those comments could not affect me in any way, no matter what. They are the opinions of others and their opinions should not and cannot change my truth and what I believe to be true of myself. I try to help these people understand why they may be questioning something that I share on social media, but if they don’t want to take the time to learn about me and the reason why I do things, then I cannot let their choices impact my life.

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