Boss Babe: Katrina Kindrat


What are your biggest motivators in life? 

My biggest motivator I have found is from within myself, having the desire to flourish into the kind of person I want to become.

I know I am very focused and a driven individual when I have a purpose and a reason to do something. I recently set a huge goal for myself, to compete in my first bikini competition. I definitely did not know every single step of the journey or how I was going to get from 140 lbs to under 120 lbs in 22 weeks, however; I put all of my trust into my coach who helped me every step of the way. He made my prep run smoothly providing me with a ton of information, answered all of my questions very quickly, kept me motivated, and taught me the proper mindset to accomplish my goal.

Fitness has become my new addiction.

Some days are better than others, of course, not every day I find myself motivated. On the days I am unmotivated listen to different motivational podcasts like Amanda Bucci Radio & The Life Coach School Podcast with Brook Castillo. I follow Amanda Bucci’s YouTube channel and Abby Pollock who goes by “Ampollo” on Snapchat. These ladies were the first female fitness role models I looked up to a year ago before I started my own fitness journey. Hearing their stories and watching it every day through social media has really helped me find motivation to do my first bikini competition and to start living a healthy fitness lifestyle.

I find motivation from others who I have met within the industry that have similar goals and interests by hearing where they have come from to where they are now. Everyone has a story and I am very curious to how others got started while I enjoy sharing my experience, struggles and what motivates me.

My biggest motivator to do a bikini competition was not to prove to anyone else but to myself that I could stick to a fitness goal and do whatever it takes to accomplish it. I have always been known to start on a new diet plan or go to the gym for a few months and see no changes, then I quit eventually quit and go back to my old unhealthy eating habits and become lazy. I have always dreamed of becoming a bikini competitor and in September of 2016 was the right time in my life to change my lifestyle and put in the effort to do it. I know I had to put in 100% effort to get the results I wanted. I have an amazing coach, Mega Marty, who has taught me so much already, more than I could imagine of what goes into a prep. There is a lot more than hitting your macros and lifting heavy objects. I would not have been able to coach myself from starting out in September like a lost little puppy to taking first place in my height class over a span of 22 weeks. I will admit I wasn’t perfect following my nutrition and workout plan on some days and other days it became a part of my regular routine. Starting out wasn’t easy however as I felt more confident in myself it got easier as time went by. My decision to compete wasn’t for anyone else but myself. I wanted to change my lifestyle, it was never just about the competition day or how I would look on stage. It was the entire process and the journey to get there. I loved every step of it. The steps I took to become successful were to hire a knowledgeable, well-respected coach, sacrifice drinking and partying every other weekend (although it wasn’t that much of a sacrifice as I was getting really tired of that lifestyle), and spending the time with my friends went towards the gym. I had to completely change my lifestyle and I was okay with that. It was well worth it and the best decision I’ve made. Throughout this process, I have learned so much about myself, who I can count on, have a close group of friends and family to lean on for support, how my body works and how it reacts to what I feed it, and how incredibly strong I am now not just physically but mentally.

What motivates me is the feeling I get when I am able to lift heavier weights in the gym or stay on a cardio machine for a minute longer. I love pushing myself.  I really enjoy how I feel when I’m in great shape, I’m happier and more confident. I love how my body looks. Thinking about what I could be capable of helps motivate me to get through a really tough workout. I had lots of help from Marty to coach me to a mindset where I am now able to push myself by lifting another couple of reps, or to not add so much weight but to nail my form.

I only have one body and I want to be able to stay healthy and fit for a very long time. Incorporating fitness into my lifestyle has been the best decision I have ever made. I find new motivation every day by some amazing new friendships and through others who have also have fallen in love with fitness.

What is your WHY?

Getting healthy, looking great, and feeling truly amazing is enough of a reason for my WHY. I have been putting off working out and taking care of myself for way too long. Once I started working out on a regular basis and eating healthy, nutritious food, it was life changing. I felt great, looked great and loved every benefit that comes with working out and eating healthy. I am very driven to maintain a healthy lifestyle and motivate others around me to do the same. I believe the ultimate failure in life is having dreams but never taking the action to start to achieve those dreams. I only get once life to live so I want to make the best of it.

 How do you/ plan to impact your community by being a Boss Babe?

By sharing my story through social media and word of mouth. I started sharing my fitness story in October of 2016 on Instagram and Snapchat and I have had a tremendous amount of support from my family, friends and new supporters who have been following me. I want to show others that it is possible to achieve their fitness goals too. By putting in the work and sticking to a goal whether that be following a meal plan or training in the gym or both, you will be able to achieve that body you’ve always wanted.

What does being a Boss Babe mean to you? 

“I think the term “boss babe” means something different to everyone. For me, being a boss babe means striving towards your goals, having confidence, putting yourself out there and going out of your comfort zone to work towards what you truly want in life. You are the boss of your own life. Do not let others opinions overrule what you truly desire. Taking control and action of your life. Not worrying about what others think, (this is huge). As I recently have been living my life the way I want to, and not the way I think I should be based on what others have been doing is the best feeling. Being a Boss Babe within the community to me means Being a positive role model and having others look up to you. Respecting your body and having self-awareness plays a huge role in this as well. Having self-awareness of what you post online, and how you carry yourself in the real world. How you treat others should reflect how you would want to be treated. I believe that you should be the change you want to be in the world by being a Boss Babe.

 How did you start in the fitness industry?

I was introduced into the fitness industry by my coach he goes by “Mega Marty” when I first met him in September 2016. There is so much to learn about an entire industry however I do believe he has shown me a wide range of the type of people that make up this industry. I have done a bit of social media research myself and I am very aware of who people are by what they post online to how they treat others. I am very grateful to have Marty who has been in the industry for several years, guide me through and show me who is a part of the industry. I have asked him a ton of questions about the industry and he is very detailed and quick to respond to all of my questions. I am just starting out in the industry myself and I hope I can be a positive influence/motivator to others.

 What is one thing you would like to see change in the fitness industry? 

I would like more people to be honest with themselves when sharing about themselves. On Instagram, we see mostly the highlights of the industry, where people are at their very best. I would like to see more ‘real life’ posts and sharing what they really struggle with, and how they have overcome these struggles. To me, this shows the true strength of a person when they are honest and real with themselves.

What is your favorite healthy recipe? 

I eat very simple foods, lean meats, rice/ sweet potato, beans/broccoli/asparagus. I like to add Flavour God to my meats. One recipe I love to make is my breakfast omelets:

-    1 Cup of egg whites

-    2-3 cut up mushrooms

-    ½ onion

-    1 cup of spinach

-    ½ - whole bell pepper (red, orange, yellow, green)

I a frying pan, cook the vegetables for 3-4 minutes until they are soft and to your liking. Then add your egg whites. Cook on each side until golden brown. Add Walden Farms Maple Syrup & Enjoy!!

What is one thing you would tell your younger self that was just starting in the fitness industry? 

Others are not judging you when you are in the gym, they really don’t care what you look like or what you’re wearing or how much you can lift. They are there for themselves, and so should you.

1. Don’t try to be anyone else but yourself.

2. Embrace who you are and who you are meant to become.

How do you keep a positive mindset and keep the haters out?

By not paying attention to them, or not giving into them when they seek attention. I surround myself with others who add value to my life, who are go-getters & who also have a positive mindset. It is refreshing to spend time or talk to someone who is positive and full of energy.

Thank you Boss Babes for letting me share my story and look forward to being a part of your community.

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Thank you for having me as a Boss Babe!

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