Boss Babe: Mackenzie Burge

If you looked in the urban dictionary under boss babe you would find Mackenzie Burge. From being a boxing bad-ass to truly living her life to be the most honest person she can be, she is what embodies a boss babe. 

What are your biggest motivations? 

This is kind of a funny question because of how often I explain motivation not being the reason behind doing what I do. Of course I have motivational bursts like most people but I don't depend on them. I almost *hate* when people ask me this because if I depended on it, I'd probably never get out of bed. Instead I strive to do things because I know I need to for my own sanity. If I had to pin point what gives me motivation it'd be the results I see in the people I train and my self development.

What is your why?

I do what I do because it's my passion. I love learning and everyone has something to teach you whether you believe that or not. 

How do I plan to impact you community?

One person at a time. As long as I can help people, I will. Making a difference doesn't have to be an off the charts starts with one.

What does being a boss babe mean to you?

Being yourself. There's so many easily accessible influences to change who you are these days it's hard to follow a path on your own. Trust your intuition, the rest will follow! 

How did you start in the industry?

I was an athletic kid growing up and kinda took a rebel path in my teens and moved out at 15. I still remember hearing the words "you won't make it," and used that as my reason to stay level headed. I found my way into hot yoga/running, bodybuilding/spin and finally boxing where my heart lays. My life has always been a serious roller coaster of events and boxing is my training for my mental and physical health. 

What is the one thing you'd like to see change in the industry?

There's a lot to be honest.. it's so flawed. I really hate the phoney crap a lot of places give out like it's candy. They pump you up like they're your best friend but it's like.. I know some of these people outside of their fitness journeys and they're completely different people. Be kind, there's no reason to treat me like I'm a puppy and feed me these "inspirational" quotes in your best 'you can do it' voice. I'm here, I'm doing it, I don't need your validation. I love the community but at what point is it lost in the facade? 

Favorite recipe? 

I'm obsessed with trail mix and granola bars to the point where having them in the house is DANGEROUS. I can't stop (and refuse to stop) eating them. You can check out my go to granola bar recipe on my website that'll be live June 15th! 

What I'd tell my younger self?

Honestly? Nothing. Life take you places based  on the decisions you make in the moment. I guess if I *had* to tell my younger self anything it'd be to worry less about what else is going on and focus on you. I could've saved a couple years trying to impress people less before I figured out others opinions don't really matter to me.

How do I keep the haters out?

This would have to go back to moving out young. I had so many more people doubting me than cheering me on that I became extremely confident. I was torn up as a kid by other kids and adults too but from bullying I became myself. Without being picked on at least a little how will you ever learn to deal with being hated on? Now days I laugh it off. People pick on others because they see your potential and it intimidates them, or because of heir own insecurities. Don't focus on them, focus on you!

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