Boss Babe: Maria Koutsogiannis

What are your biggest motivators in life? 

My biggest motivator in life is knowing that I only get one chance to make my mark on the world.

What has your fitness journey been like? 

My fitness journey has been interesting but far from simple.  Although I have been an athlete my whole life that doesn't mean I was the healthiest one. From cardio bunny to strong weight lifting foodie, the journey was filled with ups and downs but every hurdle proved to shape the strong, confident woman I am now.

Can you share with us some the ways you helped mend your relationship with food?*

 Well there are a few ways I did this but I guess the most important way was over coming my 6 year eating disorder.  I did more research, educated myself and used trial and error to learn which foods agreed with my body and further understood just how useful food was for my soul and healthy.  It wasn't long after that @foodbymaria was born and where our slogan "Fear not. Food is your Friend." surfaced.  

What is your WHY?

My why is being able to help people.  If I can help change the life of one person every day I will be a much more happy person.  There is nothing more satisfying than telling my story and inspiring the lives of thousands of people.

How do you/ plan to impact your community by being a Boss Babe? & What does being a Boss Babe mean to you? 

Oh dear, Boss Babe, something I am not.  I am a Boss, and a beast of one at that.  Being a boss to me means waking up, owning your life and going to bed a better person than you were when you woke up.  It means guiding.  It means being a leader.  It means being the real me and living my life in the pursuit of my successful future in mind.   I eat, live and breathe FoodByMaria and I owe it to myself to make the most of her, after all, she saved my life. 

How did you start in the healthy and cooking industry?

I started in the health and cooking industry long before I even knew but I guess it all started 3 years ago.  FoodByMaria was born in a flat in Bromley, London.  She was created to help Maria (me) finally rid herself of her past and "document" her recipes to the world.  

 What is one thing you would like to see change in the industry? 

I want to see people less afraid of food.  I want to watch people eat carbs again.  I want there to be less confusion and sadness around it all.  Food is a happy thing.  Food is what nourishes us, it's really incredible when you think about it.  

What is one thing you would tell your younger self that was just starting out?

I would tell my younger self that you are stronger than you can even imagine.  I would tell her that these little dreams of yours are going to come true and that this is only the beginning because the universe has a lot in store for you. 

How do you keep a positive mindset and keep the haters out?

Well I keep things positive by surrounding myself with like minded people.   I also have the ability to shut myself out of situations when I know they are not going to better myself or FoodByMaria.  In terms of shutting haters out, well, I am still working on that.  Quite honestly, I don't give a shit  what people think of me; that's sort of a thing of the past.  So when shade is thrown I simply remind myself "you can only see shade where there is light".  People always come around because at the end of the day they don't have a problem with you, they just have a problem with themselves.