Boss Babe: Shantelle Jonassen

What are you biggest motivators in life?

  • Self of accomplishment
  • Helping others succeed


I am the type of person that always has to be doing something, I hate feeling lazy. I don’t think there is a better  feeling then accomplishing something you have put your time and mind too, it’s the most rewarding thing you could experience. When I die, I want people to remember me, not in the fact that I had money, or I looked cool. I want to be remembered as someone who never settled, who always was helping others to be better and someone who they could always rely on. I think for me my biggest motivation is living life to the fullest and for me, to do that, that means helping others and accomplishing goals. 

How do you plan to impact your community being a boss babe?

I am all about leading by empowerment, that is my motto. I just want little girls out there to look at me and feel empowered to start doing there own thing, to embrace their unique qualities and never settle. I want them to understand that they are capable of every wild dream they have and that they should never be afraid to step out of their comfort zone to achieve that. It means empowering others, rather than intimidating others.

What does being a boss babe mean to you?

I think just being apart of something that is bringing people together rather than pushing them apart is so beautiful and genuine. I don’t think that we as individuals realize how much we are capable of because all we do is compare ourselves to others. I love the message boss babe movement sends, because it’s spreading love rather than focusing on the negative.

How did you start in the fitness Industry?

I was in my second year of college volleyball when I really just felt like I needed to express my message of empowerment. I began with a few hundred followers and no connections, but managed to slowly empower others to believe in themselves. Sometimes all it takes is one voice to help those in need.

What is one thing you would like to see changed in the fitness industry?

The hate, the judging, the stereotypes and the negativity. I see women doing the same thing I am, all over the world, and I just look at them and I am so proud. I am so proud to be apart of something so beautiful, something that is making such a positive impact in the world. Yes as much as we are “competing on a business level” I would never ever in my life try to knock them down to build me up. If I did that, I would be a pretty big hypocrite and relaying the total opposite message I am trying to spread. I wish, that we could all see beauty in each other, and start building each other up rather than knocking each other down.

What is your favorite healthy recipe?

Posted on one of my last Instagram posts, bbq chicken and roasted sweet potatoes.  Mmmmm, so good!

What is one thing yo would tell your younger self that was just starting in the fitness industry?

Don’t be discouraged and don’t ever compare yourself to others. It took me a long time to get confidence in myself, and it’s still a work in process, but I am a person that love to please people, I am not happy until everyone's happy and in this business sometimes that doesn’t work. When there is hate, I have to realize it’s not me, it’s the people being negative and I can’t let that get me down. Just like it should never get anyone down.

How do you keep positive mindset and keep haters out

I think the biggest thing is realizing, you are you, nothing will change that and there is something so raw and real about that. I think the more we realize our worth, the more we start to live in a positive environment. You can’t love anything else until you love yourself, and I think self-love is the key to a positive mindset. When you judge others, your doing that because of an internal insecurity, which means you are the creator of your happiness. Its always hard at the same time, because you will always have those negative people that find joy in cutting others down but you have to remember, that they are doing that because they are insecure. Focus on yourself and being a kind & genuine person, nothing but greatness will come from that

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