By: Ashley Resch

Boss Babe Booty EBook is a gym based program built for beginner to advanced athletes that are looking to target leg & booty production and transform their body into a muscle bound machine 

By: Ashley Resch & Auria Geskin

A prorgram that is bulit for indivudals who are new to fitness and looking to live thier best and healthiest lifestyle. 



With certified personal trainers and healthy eating coaches who are knowledgeable in everything from weight loss to competition prep we can provide custom fitness plans made for the BOSS BABE in you! Becoming a BOSS BABE is a lifestyle and it all starts with one simple email. 

Along with our inclusive programs & challenges we offer: 

  • In Person Private Personal Training

  • Online Clients

  • IIFYM & Structured Meal Plans

  • Compettive Training Programs

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