How I Transformed My Skin *While On a Budget* | Ashley Resch

Hey Boss Babes & Bros! Welcome back!

Today I want to talk about something a little different- skincare! For pretty much my entire life I have struggled with keeping my skin under control; a new weekly pimple, break outs all over my face and unevenness, its taken my entire life to be comfortable not wearing makeup. But finally, I found products and a lifestyle that works for me. 

Lifestyle Changes I Made: 

Taking My Makeup Off- After Workouts & Before Bed

I used to never take my makeup off after I worked out or before bed because honestly it was the last thing I wanted to do (when I'm lazy, I'm lazy af) so very rarely I would take my makeup off after a long day. Now I swear by it, after the gym or any workout I take my makeup off immediately after and I always make sure my face is nice and clean before bed- regardless of how tired I am. 

Eating Little to No Dairy

Cheese is by far one of the best things that has ever happened to this world, however I no longer eat it and if I do its in small doses, and thats because my skin has changed completely after cutting out dairy. Dairy has a lot of hormones in it and some people it wont affect at all where others it will; my hormones are all over the map already so cutting this out made a huge difference in my skin. 

Exfoliating x2-3 times a week

I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate the feeling of exfoliating my skin, little beads everywhere...It drives me insane. However it makes my skin absolutely glow afterwards. Make sure you are doing this 2-3 times a week to get the best deep clean for your skin. 

Gut Health & Probiotics

Anytime you improve your gut health your body will show that on your skin. Gut health is not only important for indigestion but also for keeping your skin glowing and beautiful 

Stop Wearing Makeup

This is one of the tips that I struggled with for a long time but it is by far the best way to improve your skincare. STOP WEARING MAKEUP EVERYDAY. Trust me, you don't need it and your skin doesn't want it, but trapping it under makeup every single day you have bacteria that will never be removed and your skin will never breathe causing break outs.  

Must Have Products: 

After the Gym Routine: 

  1. Take off all makeup using the Burts Bees Exfoliating Wipes & wash off the excess 
  2. Apply rose water toner all over face using a cotton pad
  3. Apply moisturizer 
  4. Allow skin to breathe for 2-4 hours before applying makeup 

Bed Time Routine:

  1. Take off all makeup using Neutrogena makeup wipes 
  2. Exfoliate skin with the Aveeno Skin Brighting Exfoliator (skip this step 4-5 days per week)
  3. Apply Micellar Water by Gariner all over face with cotton pad
  4. Apply Rose Water Toner all over face with cotton pad
  5. Apply Tea Tree Oil all over face 
  6. Apply Moisturizer  

And their you have it! My skincare routine broken down into everything that I do to make sure my skin is glowing and as clear as can be! After following this routine for 3 weeks my skin has changed completely, I rarely get pimples (if ever) when before they were a weekly occurrence, the unevenness in my skin is going away and I have never felt better in my skin! 

Try this out and let me know what you think!

- Ashley Resch



5 Fun Summer Activities

Good Afternoon Boss Babes! Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful sunny day! 

If you're like me, you don't like to spend your money on things because you know you'll either be starving because you have no money to buy food, or you're just flat out broke. So I thought, why not make a quick little post on some fun things to do at a cheaper price for the rest of the summer months!

1. Float down the river - Now this is something I need to do more often!! If you just want to float around all day in the hot sun with a bunch of your friends but keep cool on the water, this is something you'd be interested in. And with this scorching heat, who wouldn't want to get out of the house for a few hours!?

2. Slip n Slide - Who doesn't love a slip and slide?! If you're ready for some backyard fun, this is the activity for you. And an even better idea to add to this slip n slide is to make a game out of it! An idea that I thought of is beer pong, and if the opponent gets the ball in you have to drink your beer AND take a ride on the slip n slide. 

3. Hike - Why not be active and have fun?! With this amazing weather we've been having who wouldn't want to spend their days out in the mountains. 

4. Camping - WHO DOESN'T LOVE CAMPING. PERIOD. All I have to say about this one. 

5. Outside Workout!! - Check out my blog post under fitness on how to do my fun outdoor workout circuit! 


So there you have it! Enjoy the rest of the summer Boss Babes!

Written by: Lauren Hedley

Instagram: laurenhedleyy

First Impressions: Kiehls Cranberry & Turmeric Face Mask


Recently I have been so obsessed with my skin care and making sure it is becoming just as important as every other routine in my life. For a long time I used to the excuse of makeup as a reason to not take care of my skin but as the summer keeps going I have less interest in wearing even the smallest amount of makeup which means its time for me to step up my skin care routine. I stopped by Kiehls for the first time a couple weeks ago and was loaded up with samples and a ton of goodies! One thing sample I knew I wanted to try was the cranberry & turmeric face mask, so here we are today. 

Yesterday I tried out this face mask for the first time and I seriously fell in love right away. The smell was amazing and I noticed right away that it had texture similar to an exfoliating face wash. I left it on for about 10 minutes which was when I noticed it started to tingle; it was a super weird feeling and I wasn't the biggest fan of it. After about 5 minutes of handling the tingling I had to take the mask off and once I did my skin was glowing. 

I have honestly never used a face mask and felt the difference right away or seen the difference right away but with this one it was to obvious not to notice. 

Time to add this to my weekly routine!

- Ashley Resch


Skin Care Routine: Ashley Resch


As some of you may or may not know I was horrible at taking care of my skin for years. I didn't realize the importance of taking care of your skin or the point of it. I thought to let nature take its course and whatever happens, will happen anyways...I was completely wrong and now that I have a skin care routine in place I live by it and I make sure that taking care of my skin is a number one priority for me. With that said I want to share with you guys what I do on a daily and weekly basis to keep my skin clear, even and protected. 



Every single day I always wear the Kiehl's Super Fuild UV SFP 50 under my foundation, or bb cream. I start with that and following will apply the Nivea Q10 Plus Anti- Wrinkle Day Face Cream. I wear both of these products under my foundation every single day to make sure that my face is getting the moisture and protect that it needs throughout the day. I never tan my face and even if I don't have a hat on protecting my face chances are I am applying SFP religiously. Not only do you want to prevent age spots and pre-mature aging by tanning your face but I have acne scars and when I wear sunscreen underneath I am ensuring that my acne scars aren't being irritated and exaggerated because of sun exposure.  


After spending all day with a ton of makeup on (and somedays none at all) there is nothing better than coming home and washing my face. First I start with the Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes, following that I will go in with my all-time favorite cleanser Purity by Philosophy . After cleaning my face I go in with my new found love the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate; this product has changed my skin not only does it feel better than ever but it looks amazing. After using this product for only 2 weeks I saw huge changes in the redness in my face and my acne scars were disappearing. After that I will go in with my Clear by Philosophy Spot Treatment to tackle any acne that is coming in.


Twice a week I take the time out of my crazy life to take care and pamper myself with some face masks. My skin care time is my retreat and it is the time that I take for myself twice a week. Generally I do them on Sunday and then again on Wednesday or Thursday. The first round of the week I do several mud masks to exfoliate and deep clean my face and the second of the week is to moisturize and revitalize so that my skin can last staying glowly and flawless for the weekend ahead. 


Starting with the social media famous Black Peel Off Mask- mine is by Say Yes To Tomatoes I apply this to my nose, under eye area, fore head and chin. I do not apply this all over my face because I honestly find that peeling it off my checks ends up irritating more than anything. After that I take my Loreal Purity & Maitfy Mud Mask that I am in love with I use because I want to really target my problem areas and I want to clear out my pores all over my face but also replenish the areas of my face  After this I take my Mirco Delivery Face Peel by Philosophy to clean off any extra dead skin and completely clean my face. After this I apply all of my regular evening skin care products. (see above) 


After allowing my skin a couple days without a mask I will go back in with some of my favorite sheet masks. I love sheet masks because since using them I have seen a huge change in my skin. My favorite ones are from Sephora; they have several different kinds for all skin types. I use the Green Tea Face Mask & the Pomegranate Eye Mask whenever I am feeling tired or need a little extra help with my bags. I typically leave it at that for my mid-week skin care. Its quick, easy and my skin always feels amazing. 

So much for being a short routine but I truly believe that taking care of your skin is the trick to staying and looking young. 

- Ashley Resch


6 Things I Can't Live Without- Boss Babe Auria

Hey Babes!

These are what I call my "ride or die" necessities 

1. My Water Bottle- On a usual day I intake anywhere from 3-6L a day. I know what your thinking.. YES I do pee almost every hour BUT its worth the bathroom breaks. The average human is made up of 60% water! Water helps to flush out toxins in the body, promotes weight loss, increases energy levels, and has ZERO calories. What more of a reason do you need to pick up a water bottle?  

2. My Lash Extensions- Most days I am waayyy to busy to do my makeup. plus, working at a gym you tend to get VERY sweaty. To keep my complexion in check I like to stay away from any makeup during the weekdays and, have my fun on the weekends. Lashes make me feel flirty and adds just a tad more femininity to my no-makeup look. 

3. My Opadipity- Thats right. I put that sh*t on everything. The macros are on point and I am obsessed with the healthy Greek yogurt dip. Seriously I have it on the DAILY 

4. Leggings, leggings, and more leggings- What more can I say fit chick+leggings= happiness 

5. My "car jams" playlist- My playlist is EVER evolving and changes weekly but you bet I almost always have music on. It help to put me in a better mood, while I am work outing out, dancing naked in my bathroom singing into my hair brush 

6. Tupperware- MEAL PREP IS MY LIFE out of this whole list (besides water) I would say this is my number one ride or die. Prepping my meals ahead of time allow me to properly track my macros, allows me to KNOW what is in my food, and helps keep the cost of living on your own down. 

Hope you enjoyed my SIX things I cant live without



Become Your Own Boss Babe: Nazifa Rahman

What does being a Boss Babe mean to you? 

Being a boss babe to me means someone who young girls can look up to be a good example and role model that can empower their own unquie beauty.


Can you remember the first time you truly fell in love with makeup?

I was about 7 during a family gathering when someone gifted my mom a makeup set. I remember my mom graciously thanking the guest and asking me to put the “gift away”. Several hours later when everyone was looking to call me for dinner they found me covered head to toe in red lipstick and mascara in my parents’ closet. From that point on I knew I was in love.


What are your top 3 MUST HAVE favourite products in your bag?

I am a minimalist, I like to do my makeup, set it and don’t look back until I need to take it all off but I will always have some sort of Lip balm, blotting paper and a mini mascara.


What is your favourite beauty tip/trick that the #bbm community NEEDS to know?

I always apply Vaseline to my lashes and brows at night. I find that it moisturizes the hairs which helps them after all the products I have applied during the day. I also think it helps grow them to be thick!


How do you have the confidence to ROCK such amazing and dramatic makeup looks?

I always find myself the one usually the most decked out at any given party and event because being a full time student I usually just roll out of bed minutes before I need to be at uni for so it is my time to have fun and makeup is meant to be fun! When I doll up its me being creative and expressing myself which automatically makes me feel confident and beautiful.


Do you feel a greater sense of confidence with or without your makeup on?

I personally can’t choose one over the other because in contrast to my Instagram my snapchat revels my true self which is 90% of the time makeup free. I feel comfortable in my own skin to be without a drop of makeup but boy do I love some nice contour.


How do you stay positive with so many trolls and haters on the internet?!

The hardest criticism comes when you’re doing something right. I laugh when people I don’t know have a reason to hate. I think it’s important to stay true to yourself and remain grounded. I don’t give haters the attention they so desperately crave.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

I see myself becoming a full time humanitarian no matter where in the world I am or what my career profession is. I would like to be someone making a difference in the world and setting good examples to empower the upcoming youth…and hopefully being a mom by then, I love kids and I would want some of my own someday.


Love Naz 

6 Things I Can't Live Without! Lauren Hedley

So I thought it was time I tell you guys some of the stuff I can't go anywhere without!

1. Lip Balm - Seriously you guys you will NEVER see me without some sort of lip balm. My lips are always ridiculously chapped no matter the season so I always carry around my favorite carmex lip balm. This lip balm saves me from dry lips and always keeps them super moisturized which is amaaazing!

2. Wallet - It's pretty important to always have your wallet in case of emergency however my wallet is literally my life where I keep all my little gift cards, cash, ID, stuff like that.

3. Lip stick - If your around me a lot you'll eventually figure out that I wont go anywhere without my nude lipstick on. I usually get the essence lip stick in nude. Its $2.99 and I get it from shoppers and it lasts me quite a long time considering I wear it every day and I'm re applying it constantly. 

4. My Phone - My phone is truly my life I will not leave without it! My phone gets me places, I communicate with it, take photos for BB and myself the list goes on and on! 

5. My Gym Bag - My gym bag is my home. I'm at the gym one or two times a day so it has all my workout gear, pre workout, post workout, lock you name it. I have a generic Goodlife gym bag but I would love to get a nice Nike one since I've already worn mine out.  

6. Water Bottle - You will never ever see me without my water bottle. Whether it's pre workout or just water I always stay hydrated especially with the weather getting nicer and the intense training I've been doing lately. 

So there ya have it ladies my top 6 things that I cannot leave the house without. I personally love having a list of things that I need because I feel like in some ways it makes me feel more responsible and accountable even if it is just having my lip balm with me. So take a minute to think to yourselves, what things can you not live without? 


Written by: Lauren Hedley


Instagram: laurenhedleyy