6 Things I Can't Live Without! Lauren Hedley

So I thought it was time I tell you guys some of the stuff I can't go anywhere without!

1. Lip Balm - Seriously you guys you will NEVER see me without some sort of lip balm. My lips are always ridiculously chapped no matter the season so I always carry around my favorite carmex lip balm. This lip balm saves me from dry lips and always keeps them super moisturized which is amaaazing!

2. Wallet - It's pretty important to always have your wallet in case of emergency however my wallet is literally my life where I keep all my little gift cards, cash, ID, stuff like that.

3. Lip stick - If your around me a lot you'll eventually figure out that I wont go anywhere without my nude lipstick on. I usually get the essence lip stick in nude. Its $2.99 and I get it from shoppers and it lasts me quite a long time considering I wear it every day and I'm re applying it constantly. 

4. My Phone - My phone is truly my life I will not leave without it! My phone gets me places, I communicate with it, take photos for BB and myself the list goes on and on! 

5. My Gym Bag - My gym bag is my home. I'm at the gym one or two times a day so it has all my workout gear, pre workout, post workout, lock you name it. I have a generic Goodlife gym bag but I would love to get a nice Nike one since I've already worn mine out.  

6. Water Bottle - You will never ever see me without my water bottle. Whether it's pre workout or just water I always stay hydrated especially with the weather getting nicer and the intense training I've been doing lately. 

So there ya have it ladies my top 6 things that I cannot leave the house without. I personally love having a list of things that I need because I feel like in some ways it makes me feel more responsible and accountable even if it is just having my lip balm with me. So take a minute to think to yourselves, what things can you not live without? 


Written by: Lauren Hedley


Instagram: laurenhedleyy