6 Things I Can't Live Without- Boss Babe Auria

Hey Babes!

These are what I call my "ride or die" necessities 

1. My Water Bottle- On a usual day I intake anywhere from 3-6L a day. I know what your thinking.. YES I do pee almost every hour BUT its worth the bathroom breaks. The average human is made up of 60% water! Water helps to flush out toxins in the body, promotes weight loss, increases energy levels, and has ZERO calories. What more of a reason do you need to pick up a water bottle?  

2. My Lash Extensions- Most days I am waayyy to busy to do my makeup. plus, working at a gym you tend to get VERY sweaty. To keep my complexion in check I like to stay away from any makeup during the weekdays and, have my fun on the weekends. Lashes make me feel flirty and adds just a tad more femininity to my no-makeup look. 

3. My Opadipity- Thats right. I put that sh*t on everything. The macros are on point and I am obsessed with the healthy Greek yogurt dip. Seriously I have it on the DAILY 

4. Leggings, leggings, and more leggings- What more can I say fit chick+leggings= happiness 

5. My "car jams" playlist- My playlist is EVER evolving and changes weekly but you bet I almost always have music on. It help to put me in a better mood, while I am work outing out, dancing naked in my bathroom singing into my hair brush 

6. Tupperware- MEAL PREP IS MY LIFE out of this whole list (besides water) I would say this is my number one ride or die. Prepping my meals ahead of time allow me to properly track my macros, allows me to KNOW what is in my food, and helps keep the cost of living on your own down. 

Hope you enjoyed my SIX things I cant live without