How I Transformed My Skin *While On a Budget* | Ashley Resch

Hey Boss Babes & Bros! Welcome back!

Today I want to talk about something a little different- skincare! For pretty much my entire life I have struggled with keeping my skin under control; a new weekly pimple, break outs all over my face and unevenness, its taken my entire life to be comfortable not wearing makeup. But finally, I found products and a lifestyle that works for me. 

Lifestyle Changes I Made: 

Taking My Makeup Off- After Workouts & Before Bed

I used to never take my makeup off after I worked out or before bed because honestly it was the last thing I wanted to do (when I'm lazy, I'm lazy af) so very rarely I would take my makeup off after a long day. Now I swear by it, after the gym or any workout I take my makeup off immediately after and I always make sure my face is nice and clean before bed- regardless of how tired I am. 

Eating Little to No Dairy

Cheese is by far one of the best things that has ever happened to this world, however I no longer eat it and if I do its in small doses, and thats because my skin has changed completely after cutting out dairy. Dairy has a lot of hormones in it and some people it wont affect at all where others it will; my hormones are all over the map already so cutting this out made a huge difference in my skin. 

Exfoliating x2-3 times a week

I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate the feeling of exfoliating my skin, little beads everywhere...It drives me insane. However it makes my skin absolutely glow afterwards. Make sure you are doing this 2-3 times a week to get the best deep clean for your skin. 

Gut Health & Probiotics

Anytime you improve your gut health your body will show that on your skin. Gut health is not only important for indigestion but also for keeping your skin glowing and beautiful 

Stop Wearing Makeup

This is one of the tips that I struggled with for a long time but it is by far the best way to improve your skincare. STOP WEARING MAKEUP EVERYDAY. Trust me, you don't need it and your skin doesn't want it, but trapping it under makeup every single day you have bacteria that will never be removed and your skin will never breathe causing break outs.  

Must Have Products: 

After the Gym Routine: 

  1. Take off all makeup using the Burts Bees Exfoliating Wipes & wash off the excess 
  2. Apply rose water toner all over face using a cotton pad
  3. Apply moisturizer 
  4. Allow skin to breathe for 2-4 hours before applying makeup 

Bed Time Routine:

  1. Take off all makeup using Neutrogena makeup wipes 
  2. Exfoliate skin with the Aveeno Skin Brighting Exfoliator (skip this step 4-5 days per week)
  3. Apply Micellar Water by Gariner all over face with cotton pad
  4. Apply Rose Water Toner all over face with cotton pad
  5. Apply Tea Tree Oil all over face 
  6. Apply Moisturizer  

And their you have it! My skincare routine broken down into everything that I do to make sure my skin is glowing and as clear as can be! After following this routine for 3 weeks my skin has changed completely, I rarely get pimples (if ever) when before they were a weekly occurrence, the unevenness in my skin is going away and I have never felt better in my skin! 

Try this out and let me know what you think!

- Ashley Resch