First Impressions: Kiehls Cranberry & Turmeric Face Mask


Recently I have been so obsessed with my skin care and making sure it is becoming just as important as every other routine in my life. For a long time I used to the excuse of makeup as a reason to not take care of my skin but as the summer keeps going I have less interest in wearing even the smallest amount of makeup which means its time for me to step up my skin care routine. I stopped by Kiehls for the first time a couple weeks ago and was loaded up with samples and a ton of goodies! One thing sample I knew I wanted to try was the cranberry & turmeric face mask, so here we are today. 

Yesterday I tried out this face mask for the first time and I seriously fell in love right away. The smell was amazing and I noticed right away that it had texture similar to an exfoliating face wash. I left it on for about 10 minutes which was when I noticed it started to tingle; it was a super weird feeling and I wasn't the biggest fan of it. After about 5 minutes of handling the tingling I had to take the mask off and once I did my skin was glowing. 

I have honestly never used a face mask and felt the difference right away or seen the difference right away but with this one it was to obvious not to notice. 

Time to add this to my weekly routine!

- Ashley Resch