Skin Care Routine: Ashley Resch


As some of you may or may not know I was horrible at taking care of my skin for years. I didn't realize the importance of taking care of your skin or the point of it. I thought to let nature take its course and whatever happens, will happen anyways...I was completely wrong and now that I have a skin care routine in place I live by it and I make sure that taking care of my skin is a number one priority for me. With that said I want to share with you guys what I do on a daily and weekly basis to keep my skin clear, even and protected. 



Every single day I always wear the Kiehl's Super Fuild UV SFP 50 under my foundation, or bb cream. I start with that and following will apply the Nivea Q10 Plus Anti- Wrinkle Day Face Cream. I wear both of these products under my foundation every single day to make sure that my face is getting the moisture and protect that it needs throughout the day. I never tan my face and even if I don't have a hat on protecting my face chances are I am applying SFP religiously. Not only do you want to prevent age spots and pre-mature aging by tanning your face but I have acne scars and when I wear sunscreen underneath I am ensuring that my acne scars aren't being irritated and exaggerated because of sun exposure.  


After spending all day with a ton of makeup on (and somedays none at all) there is nothing better than coming home and washing my face. First I start with the Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes, following that I will go in with my all-time favorite cleanser Purity by Philosophy . After cleaning my face I go in with my new found love the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate; this product has changed my skin not only does it feel better than ever but it looks amazing. After using this product for only 2 weeks I saw huge changes in the redness in my face and my acne scars were disappearing. After that I will go in with my Clear by Philosophy Spot Treatment to tackle any acne that is coming in.


Twice a week I take the time out of my crazy life to take care and pamper myself with some face masks. My skin care time is my retreat and it is the time that I take for myself twice a week. Generally I do them on Sunday and then again on Wednesday or Thursday. The first round of the week I do several mud masks to exfoliate and deep clean my face and the second of the week is to moisturize and revitalize so that my skin can last staying glowly and flawless for the weekend ahead. 


Starting with the social media famous Black Peel Off Mask- mine is by Say Yes To Tomatoes I apply this to my nose, under eye area, fore head and chin. I do not apply this all over my face because I honestly find that peeling it off my checks ends up irritating more than anything. After that I take my Loreal Purity & Maitfy Mud Mask that I am in love with I use because I want to really target my problem areas and I want to clear out my pores all over my face but also replenish the areas of my face  After this I take my Mirco Delivery Face Peel by Philosophy to clean off any extra dead skin and completely clean my face. After this I apply all of my regular evening skin care products. (see above) 


After allowing my skin a couple days without a mask I will go back in with some of my favorite sheet masks. I love sheet masks because since using them I have seen a huge change in my skin. My favorite ones are from Sephora; they have several different kinds for all skin types. I use the Green Tea Face Mask & the Pomegranate Eye Mask whenever I am feeling tired or need a little extra help with my bags. I typically leave it at that for my mid-week skin care. Its quick, easy and my skin always feels amazing. 

So much for being a short routine but I truly believe that taking care of your skin is the trick to staying and looking young. 

- Ashley Resch