The Gym & Mental Health- The Balance | Ashley Resch

Putting my mental health first is the way I live my life and the way I try to encourage everyone in my life to live their life. I have always said and will always stand by is putting your mental health first. But what about finding that balance while you are training and trying to improve your physical health? How do you counteract your negative mindset to keep pushing in the gym when you don't have anything left? These are some tips I have. 

1) Take a break

When you are going through a lot of changes physically your body will be exhausted and sore, and even though you are killing it in the gym it doesn't mean you aren't dealing with all the sh*t life throws at us. So not only are your physically beaten down but mentally you are drained, so take a break and actually take a break. Watch tv, go shopping, sit on a patio-TAKE A BREAK. 

2) You will feel better after the gym

If you are ever debating if you want to go to the gym or not, because you might just not feel like it or you've had a bad day, think again. Think to how good you feel when you leave the gym. Personally, anytime I have a bad day or my mind set is in a bad place I go to the gym and although my problems aren't solved I have more clarity. 

3) Remind yourself why you started

Never forget why and where you started. This will be your motivation and even on the hardest days will make you want to go to the gym and kill it. 

4) Avoiding the gym is not going to help you feel better 

As harsh as this might be, staying at home and eating badly and not going to the gym will not solve your problems; No,  I'm not saying going to the gym is going to solve your problems but it will allow you to decompress and not focus on the bad things for 45 minutes. 

I truly hope this is able to help you whenever you are looking for tips for why you should go to the gym and I hope that it becomes a place of peace for you. 

Thank you for reading!

- Ashley Resch
@ashleyresch | @bbmovement

Smith Machine Workout

What's up Boss Babes :)

Lately I have been working on the smith machine a lot so I thought I'd write up a little workout I like to do for my legs!

1. Close Stance Squat - 4 sets, 10 Repetitions - Push from your heels

2. Stationary Lunges - 4 sets, 10 Repetitions each leg - I like to put my front foot on some sort of platform for better depth - Slow down into the lunge, fast up

3. Single Leg Deadlift - 4 sets, 10 Repetitions each leg - Keep steady core, hips aligned as best you can

4. Kneeling Hip Thrusts - 4 sets, 10 Repetitions - Focus on an exaggerated squeeze on the way up, hold for 1-2 seconds longer

5. Sumo Squats with Pulse - 4 sets, 10 Repetitions - Heavier weight

6. Close stance deadlift (Conventional)  - 4 sets, 10 Repetitions - Slow down, Fast up

7. Hip Thrusts - 4 sets, 10 Repetitions - Heavy Weight

XOXO, Lauren

My Favorite Glute Band Workout

Hey Boss Babes

Haven't been posting in a while just trying to figure out all the crazy shit going on in my life right now. Not gonna bother getting into that right now so since I finally have some free time with reading week coming up I'll be able to post a bit more.

I've been trying to use my glute band more so I thought I'd write up a small workout I like to do either at the end or at the beginning of my workout. You can also do this completely on it's own and not included in an actual leg day but rather just do the glute band work.

1. Crab walks - 4 sets, 30 Total (15 to the left, 15 to the right) - Get as low as possible in a squat position keeping your back straight now rounded. Focus on long strides

2. Crab walks with the band around your ankles - 4 sets, 30 Total - Take wide steps so you get some resistance while walking to the side. 

2. Glute kickbacks with the band by your ankles - 4 sets, 15 each leg - I like to use two bands one around my ankles and one around my knees but is totally optional

3. Jump squats from narrow to wide - 4 sets, 15- 20 Total

4. Stationary standing side kicks with band by ankles - 4 sets, 20 Each Side

5. Glute bridges with band by knees - 4 sets, 15 Total (Open and close knees and hold glute bridge) 

6. Stair master with band - 15-20 Minutes

Like I said, I like to do this workout solely on it's own if I'm not up for a huge leg day. These exercises get your glutes firing and you will definitely feel it in your booty!!

XO, Lauren Hedley



Hey Babes, 

Get ready to SHAPE your perfect little booty like never before. The key to this workout is to PUSH YOURSELF. Push yourself to lift with intensity and do not be afraid to go heavy. If you are unfamiliar with these exercises, we have a video on our Instagram and below I will provide step by step instructions.

What to remember while performing all exercises;

  • Keep your core tight and engaged at all times when lifting

Not only will this help to strengthen your core but sadly a very common way to get a hernia is by not keeping your core engaged

  •  Lift with intention

While lifting I want you to really focus on the muscles you are using. Instead of flying by your sets. Try your best to block out all distractions and really focus on the workout in front of you.  

  • Contract those glutes 

For optimal results, I suggest you try contracting your glutes as much as possible... I like to tell my clients to image they are in front of their crush and they have to hold in a fart with all of the might


1. Front Loaded Barbell Sissy Squat

You will need a Sissy Squat Machine for this exercise ( Most gyms will have this bad boy)

You will want to take an underhand grip to your barbell and gently place your hands on your collarbone. Elbows should be close together and bent in front of you. Keeping your core engaged slowly begin to lower into the squat position. On your explosion upwards I want you to focus on contracting your glutes as much as you can at the top... that nice squeeeze

2. Bent Leg Barbell Deadlift

You will need a Sissy Squat Machine for this exercise

Gripping your barbell overhand this time I want you to bend forward. I advise my clients to use their legs as a guideline. You want to slowly and gently guide your bar close to your legs but making sure not to scrape them. Once you have lowered the bar to your needs and you feel that bend you are going to carefully come back into your starting position. Squeezeing at the top

3. Around The Worlds

You will need a bench for this exercise

Coming to the edge of the bench you will place one knee on your bench and the other leg out at an angle. I like to also place my hands on the bench for more stability. Once in the correct position, I want you to lift your leg that is out to the side. You are going to lifting it up and out until your leg is pointing to the opposite side. I was you to focus that contraction one at the top of your lift.

4. Assisted Pistol Squat

You will need a bench or box jump for this exercise

This is an awesome balance exercise that will not only burn your quads and glutes but core as well. Sitting on your bench I want you to place out leg out in front of you. Using your core and lower body for stability being to slowly rise up out of your seat and then sit back down. Go slow on this one!  

5. Banded Abductors

You will need a booty band for this excrise( I added an ankle weight as well)

I like to normally hold a wall while performing this exercise but it can be done standing as well. Placing the band on around your calfs, one leg at a time you will begin to abduct. This means you will slowly kick one leg out to the side and then come back to join the other leg. I want you to flex your foot while you perform this. This will help to engage your hamstrings as well.

6. Banded Standing Hip Thrust

You will need a heavy duty extra strength band as well as a squatting cage.for this exercise

You will need to tie your band around a piece of the cage for support. Once set up I want you to step into the band and place the rubber under or over your hip bones. Its just personal preference of what is more comfortable for you. Once in your band, I want you to take a few steps out so there is tension on the band. with your shoulders back and feet hip distance apart I want you to take a deep squat, coming out of your squat I want you to thrust your hips forward and squeezeee.


Coach Auria 



Lauren's New & Improved Ab Workout!

What's up Boss Babes!! 

I thought I'd write up a new ab workout I've been trying! This ab workout consists of machine work and body weight.

1. Abdominal Holds - 3 sets, One minute on and thirty seconds off - I do this in a V sit position with my hands at my sides

2. Ab Crunch Machine - 3 sets, 25 Reps

3. Alternate Heel Touches - 3 sets, One minute on and thirty seconds off

4. Cable Crunches With Rope - 3 sets, 15 Reps

5. Cross Body Crunches - 3 sets, 20 Total Reps

6. Decline Crunch - 3 sets, 15-20 Reps

7. Decline Oblique Crunch - 3 sets, 20 Reps Total


XO, Lauren Hedley

Instagram: laurenhedleyy

Boulder Shoulder Workout

Hey Babes,

We have another killer workout for you to add to your routine! If training shoulders or heck even arms ISNT in your routine... Oh, baby then its time for a change. Not only will training your arms aid in everyday life (groceries, your purse, lifting your kids) but it will also complete your total look. No one likes a guy that ignores leg day so don't be that gal to ignore arm day. 

Not sure how to properly perform the exercises? We'be got your back! 

Soon you will be able to watch this workout on our youtube as welll


Let's get into the workout!

Military press: Grab a weighted barbell with your hands shoulder distance apart. You will want your hands to wrap over not under the bar (knuckles showing). Keeping your core tight and lower body balanced and aware I want you to push the weight upward above your head. Make sure not to over extended as you place your arms upwards. We always want a bend. Lower the weight slow and controlled. This is one rep 


Shoulder press: In a seated position pick a set of Dumbbells, bending your arms upwards at a 90-degree angle. This will be your starting position. Being to slowly lift the weight above your head until your weights meet. Return your weights to your originally 90-degree angle and you have completed one rep.


Straight arm raises w/ a plate: Standing up keep one plate between both hands and start with your arms lowered to your quads. Begging to lift the weight to about eye level with straight arms. Lower the weight to complete your rep. Make sure to keep your traps relaxed!! 


Cable shoulder pulls: set up: at a cable machine lower the handle all the way to the ground. Ideally, you would want a rope attachment! Bend with your legs to grab the rope rather than your back. Once in your hands I want you to keep in mind that your core is tight, traps are relaxed, the shoulder is down and back. Begin to pull the rope towards your chest feeling that squeeze in your delts. Lower the rope and you have completed one rep 



Hint: Controlling the weight will ensure we are responsible for the entire load and not depending on momentum to get your reps in! 


As Seen On YouTube: Smith Machine Booty Circuit

Our first YouTube video is here! Thank you so much for all your support and love in creating Boss Babe Movement; we can't wait to see where it goes!

Smith Machine Leg Circuit

• Squats: x4 Sets of 12
• Kneeling Squats x3 Sets of 10
• Split Squats x 4 Sets of 12 (each leg) 
• Hip Thrust x4 Sets of 12

Watch our video & subscribe here!



Chest Workout : Lauren Hedley

Heeey Boss Babes!

So today I thought I'd share with you guys the small chest workout I do! Now I know a lot of you ladies are like whoa what.. chest? No thanks. I know many of you may think well it just makes my boobs smaller or oh I'll just do push ups, LADIES NO! Training chest actually helps keep your upper-body muscles in balance AND also can help with posture! 

So here is my little chest workout I put together with some explanations on each exercise! 

1. Pushups - 4 sets, 15 Repetitions - I like to start off with these just to warm up my chest. You can either do them knees on the ground or not your choice!

2. Cable Flyes - 3 sets, 10 Repetitions - Ok so there are two different types of flyes I do, first I do high cable flyes then low. Still doing 3 sets, 10 Repetitions what I like to do is speed up the tempo and then slow it back down on the way out. 

3. One Arm Cable Flyes - 3 sets, 10 Repetitions Each Arm - Basically the exact same thing just one arm but a more consistent speed throughout the movement. 

4. Dumbbell Incline Chest Press - 3 sets, 10-12 Repetitions - So this is done on an incline bench and I like to use medium weight and try and increase as I go. However, if you are just starting out stick to a comfortable weight so that you don't feel like you're going to either further exacerbate shoulder issues or begin having them. You can also think of it in a way as stopping at 90 degrees. 

5. Dumbbell Incline Flyes - So it's like using cable but at an incline! Use a relatively light weight just to see where you are comfortable at and you can increase as you go. 

6. Dumbbell Chest Press - 3 sets, 10-12 Repetitions - Pretty much same as the above but laying down at no incline. 

So this is typically all that I will do for a chest workout. However, I have been adding in the barbell incline, decline, and regular bench press so here is what I like to do IF I do these three. 

1. Bench Press - 4 sets, 10 - Since I just started adding in these I like to stick to the same weight. IF I decided to go heavier I do 12,10,8, as many as I can at the heaviest weight I can go to challenge myself. 

2. Incline Chest Press - 4 sets, 10 Repetitions OR 12,10,8, as many as I can at the heaviest weight. 

3. Decline Bench Press - 4 sets, 10 Repetitions OR 12,10,8,  as many as I can at the heaviest weight.

I like to challenge myself because with decline bench press and regular bench press I can now bench 45's each side for 2. So challenge yourself! It's seriously the best feeling especially since I know a lot of us don't enjoy training chest. 


So there you have it! My typical chest day or chest workouts. Enjoy :) 


Written by: Lauren Hedley

Instagram: laurenhedleyy

Implementing Full Body Workouts


Recently I have been noticing that my body isn't growing or getting better and I feel like I have been in a rut with my fitness routine. Honestly the gym is normally my happy place and lately I have been avoiding it at all cost; I started looking at ways to change up my fitness routine and then I stumbled across full body workouts and working out 1 day on, next day off and I fell in love! I found that with how much I have been traveling and my crazy schedule this was the best way for me to get a good workout in to stay lean and fit but also give myself a break. 

When I started implementing full body days I started by putting them in place of an upper body workout which made me way to sore, but I was worried that I wouldn't see any development if I took out muscle specified days so currently I am following this routine: 

Day 1: Booty/ Hamstrings & Shoulders & Abs

Day 2: Cardio (yoga, boxing) 

Day 3: Booty/Quads & Back/Biceps & Abs

Day 4: Cardio (yoga, boxing) 

Day 5: Shoulders & Triceps & Abs

Day 6: Heavy Set Leg Day


Try it out and let me know what you think! But always listen to your body and remember to REST 

- Ashley Resch

As Seen On Instagram - Step By Step Guide To The Ultimate Booty Burn Circuit

Hey Babes,

If you're not sure what to do for your next leg day, this intense booty burns is just what you're looking for! This circuit can be adjusted for beginners or advanced participants. To see the complete workout, head on over to our official Instagram page! 

Let's get into the workout! 

Bulgarian Split Squats (12 reps per leg - 4 sets)

Start by placing a bench or chair behind you, allow one foot to rest on the bench. At this point, one leg should be standing on the ground and the other making90-degree angle. Next begin to descend your leg down, keeping your back straight, and shoulders relaxed. Keep descending until your knee is just short of the ground. Once you reach the bottom position, push yourself back up by extending your front knee and hip at the same time and stopping just short of locking out your knee. 


1. The closer you stand to the bench, the more it will emphasize the quads.   

2. To increase the difficulty of this exercise you can; load a barbell, use a kettle bell, or a set of dumbells. You can also play with your time under tension if you are looking for more of a burn. Try holding your split squat for 5 seconds once you have reached your furthest descend. 

Glute Hip Thrusts  (15 reps 4 sets)

Begin seated on the ground with a bench directly behind you. Lean back against the bench so that your shoulder blades are near the top of it. Begin the movement by driving through your feet, extending your hips. Your weight should be supported by your shoulder blades and your feet. Extend as far as possible, then reverse the motion to return to the starting position.


1. You really want to FEEL that contraction (aka that squeeeze your feel when thrusting). I always tell my clients to imagine they were holding in a fart (yes I know it sounds ridiculous but it works) in front of your boss or crush. 

2. I recommend adding a barbell or a resistance band if you are at the gym. Almost every gym now and days will have a band, but if not check out Amazon for some amazing deals. 

Jump Squats With Alternating Hand Touches ( 30 seconds on 10 seconds off 4 sets)

Begin in a squatting position, keep feet hip distance apart and ever so slightly point your feet outward 5 or 10-degrees. Sitting back into the squatting position and keeping your core tight begin to hop your feet together and then back out. When you jump your feet back outwards, alternate touching your hand to the ground. 


1. You really want to keep your heart elevated for this one. Try to push yourself as hard as you can! 

2. You can add ankle weights or a resistance band to increase the difficulty 

Crab Walk ( 30 seconds on 15 seconds off 4 sets)

Begin back in your squatting position. You will be staying in this position for the entirety of the exercise. Stepping out one leg to the side after the other making sure to keep your core tight and back straight.


1. I love adding one or even two resistance bands to this one! One below and one above your knee

2. You want to keep your entire body as still as possible while crab walking to ensure we are maximizing our isolation.  


Get ready to feel the burn!



My Top 5 Favorite Bicep Exercises - Lauren Hedley

Good Morning Everyone! 3 more days until I'm finally able to relax and soak up the sun. 

I've decided that I'm going to be writing my next few blog posts on my top favorite exercises for EVERYTHING! 

1. Regular Standing Bicep Curls - 4 sets, 15,12,10,8 Repetitions OR Seated Bicep Curls - 4 sets, 10 Repetitions Each Arm - I like to do these sitting as well just because it creates more of a challenge especially if you are using heavier weight. I like to drop set my standing bicep curls just to push myself into heavier weight. Do not swing when doing your bicep curls. Form is important in these even if it is only curls.

2. 21's - 4 sets (Medium weight) - I started out doing these with a regular barbell but decided I wanted to try it on a cable. I prefer the cable honestly I think its just because I sway a lot when using the barbell. Basically first you curl upward until you make a 90 degree angle with your elbow and do 7 reps, then from the 90 degree angle from your elbow, curl the weight up and do 7 reps. **THIS IS NOT FULL EXTENSION** after doing 14 total, now do full extension bicep curls for 7 (Or just YouTube this exercise since I suck at explaining it).

3. Resistance Seated Bicep Curls Machine - 4 sets, 10 Repetitions WIDE GRIP + 10 Repetitions CLOSE GRIP - I LOVE THIS SUPERSET!! Basically for the wide grip ones you try and use heavier weight, and then for the close grip it's basically a burnout and you'll feel it so in order to do 10 repetitions I do lighter weight. 

4. Hammer Curls - 4 sets, 10 Repetitions - I like to do fast up, hold, slow down. This really helps with creating that intense pump and you'll be able to feel the muscles more.

5. Rope Curls - 2-3 sets until failure - MY FAVORITE! I love love love to burnout my arms with this!! Focus on consistently trying to squeeze at the top of that curl to get the full effect. 

My Top 5 Favourite Back Exercises - Lauren Hedley

Happy Monday Boss Babes! Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend! In just 4 days I'll be on my way to New Orleans to start my vacation! It's a cruise that were on for 7 days and I can't wait to have some stress free time. 

I thought today I'd add on to my other back day blog post I did a while ago and add in some new exercises that I really enjoy. Back is my strongest body part thanks to swimming so it's also my favorite to train. So here's my top 5 favourite back exercises!

1. Lat Pull downs - 4 sets, 10 Repetitions - I like to start off with light weight just to warm up my muscles and get everything loose and flowing. Wide grip, focusing on those lats when pulling down. I like to go light, medium, heavy, light with my weight but still able to do 10 repetitions without struggling to bring the bar down. You can also play with time under tension, which means basically how long your muscles are under strain for. 

2. Seated Grip Rows - 4 sets, 10 Repetitions - Basically same deal with lat pull downs. Doing light, medium, heavy, light weight. Pull shoulders back before you start your pull. Don't pull back too far, only as far as your elbows align with the rest of your body (if that makes any sense lol). Focusing on form and also at the top of your row, hold for 1-2 seconds longer than usual and let go slower. Fast up, squeeze, slow down. 

3. Rope Straight Arm Pull downs - 4 sets, 12 Repetitions I like this exercise because I seem to feel it in my entire back. Make sure to keep your back straight, and also your arms but with a slight bend. You can use a rope or a straight bar on the cable machine but that's up to you! 

4. One Arm Dumbbell Row - 4 sets, 12 Repetitions - I like to focus on good form. Straight back, focusing on our row making sure not to pull too high past our body. I like to do the fast up, squeeze, slow down method.

5. Deadlifts - 5 sets, 10 Repetitions - I like to do some Romanian Deadlifts on my back day just to get my hammies into it and also lower back. Form is key or you could hurt yourself. Straight back, slight bend in those knees. Squeezing at top for 1-2 more seconds than usual.


Written by: Lauren Hedley

Instagram: laurehedleyy

How I Stay Fit While Traveling: Ashley Resch

I am very lucky to be able to travel all over Alberta & Canada several times a month, its a life that has taken a lot of getting used to especially when I have to change my fitness routine...but traveling doesn't mean I don't hold myself accountable for going to the gym and staying fit. With that said here are some tips I put together so help you stay fit while you travel!

  1. Eating & Nutrition 

While you are on vacation or traveling it is so easy to fall into the traps of fast food, high sugar drinks and over indulging... and trust me I understand this struggle too; when I was traveling in Quebec City I had poutine twice in one day. This point doesn't mean you can't ever experience unhealthy food while traveling it just means you need to find a balance and recognize if you are eating to fulfill your needs or if you are eating just because food was placed in front of you. What works for me is eating whatever I want for one meal and watching every other meal throughout the day, drinking tons of water and avoiding pop/ high sugar drinks that I wouldn't drink anyways. 

But overall FIND BALANCE and do not over eat or binge just because you are on vacation or traveling. 

2. Find a Physical Activity to do.

I know what most of you are thinking when you read this... "Ashley, I don't want to go to the gym on vacation" but you do not need a gym to stay fit. Whenever I am traveling and I do not have the ability or option for strength training at a gym I make a point to walk everywhere. Although you won't see huge gains throughout your body when you are just walking you will notice higher energy levels and it is a great way to get cardio in every single day. 

3. Just Let Yourself Rest

Living a fit and healthy life has everything to do with balance not only physically but mentally as well. In the 21st century the majority of people spend more time at work then they do with their loved ones and doing things they are passionate about.. so take this time to catch up the much needed sleep that you have been missing and relax. 

- Ashley Resch



Ab Workout: Lauren Hedley

Good Morning Boss Babes! Hope everybody had a great long weekend.

I wanted to share one of my favourite ab workouts since the long weekend is over and it's time to get back into the gym and work towards that summer bod!


1. Hanging Knee Raises - 3 sets, 20 Repetitions

2. Plank - 3 sets, One minute on, 30 seconds off

3. Laying Down Leg Raises - 4 sets, 20 Repetitions

4. Standing Plated Oblique Crunches - 4 sets, 20 Repetitions each side (Keep hips forward, don't move them)

5. Plank Hip Dips - 3 sets, 30 Repetitions Total

6. Toe Touches - 3 sets, 30 Repetitions Total

7. Swiss Ball Crunches - 3 sets, 20 Repetitions

8. Burnout: Mountain Climbers - 1 set, 60 Repetitions Total


Written by: Lauren Hedley

Instagram: laurenhedleyy


Tricep Workout: Lauren Hedley

I HATE TRICEPS. Yup, I said it. Triceps are my weakest body part to workout just because I sometimes get really bad elbow pain. But when I do workout my triceps this is what it typically looks like. 


1. Single arm cable tricep pulldowns - 4 sets, 10 Repetitions : I typically do this one to warm up so I use a lighter weight.

2. Standing skull crushers - 3 sets, 12 Repetitions

3. Triangle tricep pulldowns - 3 sets, 12 Repetitions

4. Tricep rope extension - 4 sets, 15, 12, 10, 8 Repetitions - At the bottom of the extension I hold for 2-3 seconds longer than usual and slower on the way up.

5. SUPERSET - Forward tricep extension + Reverse tricep extension - 4 sets, 8-10 Repetitions each exercise : This is typically my burn out.

I don't do very many tricep exercises but I tend to think these 5 are some of the best. I like to incorporate working triceps on chest or arm days as well! 


Written by: Lauren Hedley

Instagram: laurenhedleyy


Full Body HITT Workout

Good Morning Boss Babes!

This morning I thought I would share the best HITT workout I have ever tried. It really does hit every body part and I can promise you you'll feel it for a few days after!! I typically hate full body workouts, why? because I'm lazy. However, when I do them I make sure to focus on every exercise like I would if it was a regular workout day. Enjoy!!

ROUND ONE - 3 sets, 15 reps

  1. Lunges with dumbbell shoulder press - At bottom of lunge, press up with dumbbells. 
  2. Tricep dips - I typically do these on a bench
  3. Dumbbell push ups with one arm row - If you don't want to do the push ups you can just do the plank rows.
  4. Mountain Climbers for 60 seconds

ROUND TWO - 3 sets, 15 reps

  1. Plate thruster - Basically it's like kettle bell swings but with a plate. You can use a kettlebell if prefered.
  2. Plate curl and press - Bicep curl with the plate to overhead press with plate.
  3. Plate squat
  4. Plate Crunches

ROUND THREE - 3 Minutes Total - 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest 

  1. Plank
  2. Leg lifts in plank position
  3. Shoulder to bridge walk up (plank)


Written by: Lauren Hedley

Instagram: laurenhedleyy



Supplements I Take To Compete Naturally (In A Non-Tested Association) & My Opinion Of Steroid Use


Hi Babes, 

Today I wanted to discuss my opinion on supplements and what I take to compete naturally (In a non-tested association). The association I compete in is the Alberta Body Building Association. I chose this association because it is my dream, and, the end goal to compete nationally and internationally (CBBF, and IFBB). 

Like it or not, none of these associations test athletes for steroid use or other banned substances. I get ALOT of questions on what my opinion is on the topic and, to be completely honest, I have no problems with what other people choose to put in their own bodies and the idea of competing against "super humans" excites me and pushes me to work a hundred times hard. My self-worth has deeper roots than a competition. The only thing that I personally care about is, giving it my all against the best. I choose to compete only against myself. 

Why I choose to compete naturally: The dangers of human growth hormones, anabolic steroids, and other synthetic designer drugs will ALWAYS AND FOREVER out weight the possible positives of using the substance. Today there are hundreds of different drugs that you can take. I am here to tell you that even though taking these substances might seem like an "easier" way of achieving your end goal... IT IS NOT.

The Mayo Clinic lists possible side effects women may develop:

A deeper voice
An enlarged clitoris
Increased body hair
Infrequent or absent periods

Both men and women might experience:

Severe acne
Increased risk of tendinitis and tendon rupture
Liver abnormalities and tumors
Increased low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol (the "bad" cholesterol)
Decreased high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol (the "good" cholesterol)
High blood pressure (hypertension)
Heart and circulatory problems
Aggressive behaviors, rage or violence
Psychiatric disorders, such as depression
Drug dependence
Infections or diseases such as HIV or hepatitis if you're injecting the drugs
Inhibited growth and development, and risk of future health problems in teens

Knowing the side effects and the horrible damage, anabolic steroids can cause your body, I can't ever justify taking them.

Note: If you are interested in competing against NATURAL athletes there are associations for YOU! NPAA and IDFA are examples of two associations 


This is a list of supplements I use to help keep my body as HEALTHY as possible while training so intensely and help prime my body for optimal fat loss. I highly recommend you do your research and seek the advice from your doctor (Not Google) before starting any daily supplement regime. #1-3 can be found at any health food store and #4-5 Platinum Supplements Calgary (Mention Boss Babes and get a discount!).

NOTE: I did not include my protein powders and BCAAs as I do not use them during my last few weeks of prep- More to come on the supplements I take on my off-season

1. Vitamin B12 + B6

2. Green Tea Extract

3. A daily Probiotic

4. ThermOnxy - thermogenic fat burner 

5. Cyto Greens

Rest Days

Hey Boss Babes!

So a few days ago I took 4 days off from the gym. To me, taking even one day off I feel like I've lost everything I worked for which isn't true whatsoever but that's just how my brain works I guess!

After 4 days, I finally went back to the gym and I squatted for the first time since my break. I ended up with a new PR and I was consistent throughout all of my sets feeling stronger than ever. I never realized the impact rest days have. I felt stronger, more energized, and overall more confident in my lifting.

So, basically what I'm trying to say is REST. Let your body recover so that you can come back to the gym feeling confident in your body and confident in your training. It allows your muscles and connective tissues to repair, but it also is just nice to take a few days to focus on your nutrition, and also do other things during the day that you may not have done. 

I never realized how amazing I could feel after taking a few days off. Taking rest days is not going to kill you, IT'S GOING TO BETTER YOU!

This blog post may be short, but its important! Take some time to even figure out what your next couple of training days are going to look like, focus on eating, focus on RELAXING, FOCUS ON YOU!


Written by: Lauren Hedley

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Kick Ass Kettle Bell Workout

This Kettle Bell fat burning full body workout (wow that a lot to say) is a killer! This workout will leave you feeling proud as HECK for all the hard work you have done. Your mind AND your body will thank you... All you need is a set of medium and heavy Kettle Bells, some space, and some music! 

Kettle Bell Swings 14 reps 3 sets

Goblet Squats with Kettle Bell 10 reps 3 sets

Kettle Bell Bent Row 12 reps 3 sets

Kettle Bell Russian Twists 25 reps 4  sets

Kettle Bell Ab Touches 15 reps 4 sets

Kettle Bell Tricep Press 10 reps 3 sets




1. Standing feet hip distance apart, feet pointed slighting out wards begin to hinge your hips (use the power from your legs not your back to swing the bell).  Keep your core tight and engaged. Swing only to eye level then come down. Start with a lighter weight your first set then if you are comfortable work your way up. 

2. Stand feet winder than hip distance apart, feet pointed slightly outwards, holding your bell in front of your chest squat down squeeze your glutes the whole way.  

3. Using a light bell stand feet hip distance apart and bend at the hips. A slight bend is okay, letting your weight hang in your hand start to row the bell upwards, elbow close to the body squeeze the lats when we get to the back.

4. Sitting on your butt lift your feet as if you were in a V shape. Using the bell in both hands twist from side to side. Chest up, shoulders back, core tight.

5. Laying on the ground feet on the floor and hands in the air with the weight above the face, slightly push the bell up reaching it towards the ceiling. Make sure your are engaging your core and lifting from your abs not your neck. 

6. Holding a bell behind your hand create a 90 degree angle with your hands by bending at the elbow, once bent use your force to push the hands upwards hold, and repeat. 



Coach Auria 

Whats In My Gym Bag: Lauren Hedley

Hey Boss Babes!!

Are you all ready for the weekend?! I know I Am! 

Today I thought I would share with you all what's in my gym bag! 

  1. Shoes - I usually bring my Nike free's and also my converse. Like beautiful Ashley said in her blog post, typically I wear runners for cardio based work and converse to squat because they are more comfortable. 
  2. Hat - I don't always wear a hat, but I know if I'm going to be doing cardio or something a lot more fast paced I'll wear a hat just to keep the sweat out of my eyes and also because I personally think hats are just super cute. 
  3. Lock - LOCK UP YOUR STUFF! 
  4. Pre Workout - Typically I use C4 (Cellucor) and I use the pink lemonade flavor its amazing.
  5. Post Workout - I use Nutrabio Reload. It's absolutely perfect for me and really helps my muscles recover. 
  6. Headphones - I honestly don't know what brand my headphones are because my step dad bought them for me but they are wireless! I love wireless headphones because they are so much easier to use and they don't get in the way.
  7. Extra pair of leggings - Since it's getting so hot outside I'm typically wearing shorts in the gym, however, I do like to bring extra leggings in case it's a high intensity training day and I know I'm going to sweat more. 
  8. Lip Balm - Honestly if you all haven't clued in by now I just love lip balm and don't go anywhere without it. 
  9. Resistance band(s) - I LOVE RESISTANCE BANDS! They work so well for leg workouts and I always make sure I have my red one. You can literally by them anywhere like I know Winners sells some at times and also Amazon. 

So that is what is typically in my gym bag!

Have an awesome weekend Boss Babes!


Written by: Lauren Hedley

Instagram: laurenhedleyy