Hey Babes, 

Get ready to SHAPE your perfect little booty like never before. The key to this workout is to PUSH YOURSELF. Push yourself to lift with intensity and do not be afraid to go heavy. If you are unfamiliar with these exercises, we have a video on our Instagram and below I will provide step by step instructions.

What to remember while performing all exercises;

  • Keep your core tight and engaged at all times when lifting

Not only will this help to strengthen your core but sadly a very common way to get a hernia is by not keeping your core engaged

  •  Lift with intention

While lifting I want you to really focus on the muscles you are using. Instead of flying by your sets. Try your best to block out all distractions and really focus on the workout in front of you.  

  • Contract those glutes 

For optimal results, I suggest you try contracting your glutes as much as possible... I like to tell my clients to image they are in front of their crush and they have to hold in a fart with all of the might


1. Front Loaded Barbell Sissy Squat

You will need a Sissy Squat Machine for this exercise ( Most gyms will have this bad boy)

You will want to take an underhand grip to your barbell and gently place your hands on your collarbone. Elbows should be close together and bent in front of you. Keeping your core engaged slowly begin to lower into the squat position. On your explosion upwards I want you to focus on contracting your glutes as much as you can at the top... that nice squeeeze

2. Bent Leg Barbell Deadlift

You will need a Sissy Squat Machine for this exercise

Gripping your barbell overhand this time I want you to bend forward. I advise my clients to use their legs as a guideline. You want to slowly and gently guide your bar close to your legs but making sure not to scrape them. Once you have lowered the bar to your needs and you feel that bend you are going to carefully come back into your starting position. Squeezeing at the top

3. Around The Worlds

You will need a bench for this exercise

Coming to the edge of the bench you will place one knee on your bench and the other leg out at an angle. I like to also place my hands on the bench for more stability. Once in the correct position, I want you to lift your leg that is out to the side. You are going to lifting it up and out until your leg is pointing to the opposite side. I was you to focus that contraction one at the top of your lift.

4. Assisted Pistol Squat

You will need a bench or box jump for this exercise

This is an awesome balance exercise that will not only burn your quads and glutes but core as well. Sitting on your bench I want you to place out leg out in front of you. Using your core and lower body for stability being to slowly rise up out of your seat and then sit back down. Go slow on this one!  

5. Banded Abductors

You will need a booty band for this excrise( I added an ankle weight as well)

I like to normally hold a wall while performing this exercise but it can be done standing as well. Placing the band on around your calfs, one leg at a time you will begin to abduct. This means you will slowly kick one leg out to the side and then come back to join the other leg. I want you to flex your foot while you perform this. This will help to engage your hamstrings as well.

6. Banded Standing Hip Thrust

You will need a heavy duty extra strength band as well as a squatting cage.for this exercise

You will need to tie your band around a piece of the cage for support. Once set up I want you to step into the band and place the rubber under or over your hip bones. Its just personal preference of what is more comfortable for you. Once in your band, I want you to take a few steps out so there is tension on the band. with your shoulders back and feet hip distance apart I want you to take a deep squat, coming out of your squat I want you to thrust your hips forward and squeezeee.


Coach Auria