My Favorite Glute Band Workout

Hey Boss Babes

Haven't been posting in a while just trying to figure out all the crazy shit going on in my life right now. Not gonna bother getting into that right now so since I finally have some free time with reading week coming up I'll be able to post a bit more.

I've been trying to use my glute band more so I thought I'd write up a small workout I like to do either at the end or at the beginning of my workout. You can also do this completely on it's own and not included in an actual leg day but rather just do the glute band work.

1. Crab walks - 4 sets, 30 Total (15 to the left, 15 to the right) - Get as low as possible in a squat position keeping your back straight now rounded. Focus on long strides

2. Crab walks with the band around your ankles - 4 sets, 30 Total - Take wide steps so you get some resistance while walking to the side. 

2. Glute kickbacks with the band by your ankles - 4 sets, 15 each leg - I like to use two bands one around my ankles and one around my knees but is totally optional

3. Jump squats from narrow to wide - 4 sets, 15- 20 Total

4. Stationary standing side kicks with band by ankles - 4 sets, 20 Each Side

5. Glute bridges with band by knees - 4 sets, 15 Total (Open and close knees and hold glute bridge) 

6. Stair master with band - 15-20 Minutes

Like I said, I like to do this workout solely on it's own if I'm not up for a huge leg day. These exercises get your glutes firing and you will definitely feel it in your booty!!

XO, Lauren Hedley