Quad Focused Leg Day!

Always remember to warm up! Warming up is very very important to prevent injury, increasing your heart rate and circulation will help loosen up the joints and, also increase blood flow to the muscles. I take 10-20 minutes to stretch and activate so that I'm ready to lift heavy and confidently. Everybody's warm up is different, however I say it is a crucial part in helping you have a way better lift both physically and mentally.

1. Leg Extension - 3 sets to warm up, Light weight, 15-20 repetitions. 

I like to begin my quad workout with leg extension to get my muscles activated and ready to squat after. I'll do really light weight for 15-20 repetitions to warm up the muscles. 

2. SQUATS! - 5 sets -10 reps, 8 reps, 6 reps, 4 reps, 12 reps

Now squats are all done differently and if you don't feel comfortable doing them you don't have to! However, if you choose to I usually like to start off very light and increase every set until I can only do four. Now the last set I drop down to the weight I started with originally and I'll go up to twelve repetitions to burn out my quads. Form is crucial in a correct squat so make sure you are focusing on that before anything. 

3. Leg Press - 4 sets, 10 repetitions

I plant my feet shoulder width apart and lower on the platform to focus on my quads. I like to slow down the movement completely and really focus on feeling every muscle in my quads working. Add weight every set to challenge yourself. 

4. Walking Lunges - 4 sets

I usually try to find a spot in the gym that I can do these which is hard but doable. Focus on a deep lunge, slowing down the movement, and engaging your core it really helps with keeping balanced. 

5. Goblet Squat + Leg Extension 3 sets, 10 repetitions for both exercises. 

SUPERSET TIME! This is the second last thing I will finish with to really burn out my quads. Wide stance for those goblet squats and then straight into heavy leg extension. For the goblet squats slow them down and I can promise you this you wont be able to walk the next day! 

6. Resistance Band Work

I love to end my leg workouts with my resistance band. I like to use two, one around my quads and one around my ankles! I usually do regular jump squats and kickbacks just for that glute pump. Also I do crab walks for three sets at a minute on and a minute off to really finish off my legs. 

So that is one of my three leg days! Don't get me wrong I change up my exercises every other week so that I'm consistently trying new things and targeting other muscles. I hope you all try some of these exercises and I can promise you that they will help you tone those quads! 

Enjoy & Work Hard! :) 

Written by: Lauren Hedley

Instagram: laurenhedleyy