Boss Babes Take On Athletic Chic

Whats up Boss Babes! Auria here, if you are like me you LIVE in active wear. Being a personal trainer and bikini competitor my day consists of being at the gym, going to the gym, and you guessed it (ding, ding, ding), being at the gym more. There is something abut a well fitted sports bra that just makes me feel 1000x better.

 Waking up early to get your a$$ to the gym? Pro Tip: Lay out a cute outfit to rock in the morning. Spend 5 more minutes sleeping, throw your hair in braids, and a bossy hat and you are good to go. Seems like a win, win to me.

Athletic chic does not have to mean breaking the bank... I REPEAT ladies... it does not mean you must spend your bank account in order to pull off athletic chic. For those of you reading this from your mobile device, pictuers will be and the bottom 

Top to Bottom 

1. COME ON HOW COULD YOU NOT! Although a little on the pricey side at $40, this is a statment peice, paired with an all black outfit is a killer combo

2. Swell- For the ladies into hot yoga this is PERFECT! The double walled stainless steel frame will be sure to keep your water ice cold

3. Have you checked out forver 21 lately?!?! Did an online haul a few weeks ago and let me tell you I am freakin glad I did! at $12 how could you now. This exact sports bra is sold out at the moment but below I provided a link to many other options like it

4. Vic Secrets does it again. Coming to only $24 you are sure to look like a boss when you rock it

5. AFTER THIS WE ARE GETTING PIZZA- Have fun with what you wear! At $35 I will take the bag and a slice of pizza thank you

6. Coming from the same site Ban.Do this backpack has more of edgier vibe to it but is perfect for the urban lifter. With an amazing price tag coming to $65