My Favourite Full Body Mobility Routine

Hey Boss Babes!

I remember when I first started working out I didn't take stretching and warming up seriously. I thought meh it's so time consuming and I feel fine I don't need to warm up, was I ever wrong. 

Warming up:

  • Increases heart rate and circulation
  • Loosens the joints which increases blood flow to the muscles
  • Helps prevent injuries

After maybe four months I started getting really bad shoulder and back pain so I decided it was time for a massage. Oh my gosh did I ever ball my eyes out. I didn't realize how badly I let my body get until it was at a point where I couldn't even move let alone lift.

So here is my favourite mobility routine! Enjoy!

  1. Jumping jacks - Just to get your body warmed up (30 seconds)
  2. Seated hamstring stretch - Sitting down, touching your toes or grabbing your ankles (30sec-1 min)
  3. Quad Stretch - Standing up, Holding one foot behind. (30 seconds each leg)
  4. Sumo squat stretch - 30 seconds to 1 min
  5. Shoulder Stretch - Hold one arm across your body (30 seconds each arm)
  6. Tricep stretch - Arm behind head (30 seconds each arm)
  7. Hip Flexor Stretch - Lunge position (30 seconds each side) 
  8. Knee Across body - Laying down arm out, one knee across body. Try and keep shoulder blades on ground. (30 seconds each side)
  9. Seated glute stretch - "Pretzel" - Sitting one knee across body (30 seconds each side)
  10. SHAKE IT OUT! - Take a few minutes just to swing out, activate your body, warm up those muscles.
  11. Add in any other exercises you think may help benefit your lift, or that help you feel as warmed up as possible. 

Now this is more of a full body type mobility routine. You can always adjust to the body part you are working but always no matter what remember to warm up. I guarantee you will have a way better lift and feel more confident for your workout. 


Written by: Lauren Hedley

Instagram: laurenhedleyy