Glute Focused Exercises

Do you want a nice toned butt?!

Here are some of my favourite glute exercises:

*You may want to invest in 1-2 resistance bands! Or some gyms provide them so that would work also.* 

  1. Hip abduction - I like to do 10 as heavy as I can and then 10-12 at a medium weight. Sometimes I will also pause at the top so I achieve that glute pump. 
  2. Resistance band kickbacks - I like to superset with these and you can superset whatever glute exercise you want with it. OR you can do them on a quad, hamstring day. I typically do deep goblet squats for 10-15 and then add in these kickbacks. 
  3. Plie squat (Goblet squat) with dumbbell - These are what I do with kickbacks. You wanna try and go as deep as possible and also hold a 1-2 second pause at the bottom of your squat or even small pulses. 
  4. Stationary lunges with weight - I like to do these for my quads and glutes. Try at the top to squeeze your glutes. Also go as deep as possible and focus on keeping that balance through your core.
  5.  Rope pull throughs - In a way this works your hamstrings as well. Focus on squeezing your butt at the top of the pull through for 3-4 seconds. 
  6. Jump squats with resistance bands - I love to use my resistance band when doing jump squats. Push from your heels when jumping. 
  7. Curtsey lunges - This exercise hits your glute medius and helps strengthen your abductors. You can do this with weight or without your choice!
  8. Cable kickbacks - These are a really good one for your glutes. YOU DO NOT NEED TO KICK THAT HIGH LADIES! As long as you are squeezing the glute and contracting the hamstring muscle, you will get the same effect. 

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Enjoy :) 

Written by: Lauren Hedley

Instagram: laurenhedleyy