Day In The Life Of A Bikini Competitor

Hey Boss Babes!

Here is an all access look into my life! Its hectic, fast paced, and tiring BUT I WOULD NOT HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY. Body building is an extreme sport that requires a fairly strict schedule and making a lot of sacrifices. If anyone was wondering YES your social life suffers extremely. I do not recommend that you copy my regimen whatsoever as everyone has unique macros, workouts and sleep patterns. My day varies slightly depending on my clients but here ya go babes.

My Day 

5 am: Wake-up and journal writing  (see the inspiration page for how to write a gratitude log) 

5:30 am: Finnish drinking first liter of water with my multivitamins, probiotic, fish oils, and L-Carnitine 

6 am: Head to the gym to do 30 minutes of HIIT and posing practice 

7 am: Shower and breakfast

Breakfast: two egg whites w/one whole egg, 1 cup of wilted spinach, two pieces of turkey bacon, 1 L of water, 1 cup of green tea

8 am: Train Clients

12 pm: Lunch break third liter of water w/L-carnitine weight training w/a steady state cardio session (being a personal trainer my schedule tends to revolve around my clients work schedules so I usually have a chill afternoon) 

3 pm: Training clients 

6 pm: Quick dinner, fourth liter of water and posing session w/ Coach Nicci 

7:30 pm: Training clients 

9:30 pm: Working on the website, blog writing, working on client programming

11 pm: Relaaaxxxxx, fifth liter of water, 1 cup of green tea, stretching, usually more work

12 am: Bed (woohoo) 

It takes sacrifice and determination to achieve your GOALS! For me, the stage is worth it. 


Coach Auria