Kick Ass Kettle Bell Workout

This Kettle Bell fat burning full body workout (wow that a lot to say) is a killer! This workout will leave you feeling proud as HECK for all the hard work you have done. Your mind AND your body will thank you... All you need is a set of medium and heavy Kettle Bells, some space, and some music! 

Kettle Bell Swings 14 reps 3 sets

Goblet Squats with Kettle Bell 10 reps 3 sets

Kettle Bell Bent Row 12 reps 3 sets

Kettle Bell Russian Twists 25 reps 4  sets

Kettle Bell Ab Touches 15 reps 4 sets

Kettle Bell Tricep Press 10 reps 3 sets




1. Standing feet hip distance apart, feet pointed slighting out wards begin to hinge your hips (use the power from your legs not your back to swing the bell).  Keep your core tight and engaged. Swing only to eye level then come down. Start with a lighter weight your first set then if you are comfortable work your way up. 

2. Stand feet winder than hip distance apart, feet pointed slightly outwards, holding your bell in front of your chest squat down squeeze your glutes the whole way.  

3. Using a light bell stand feet hip distance apart and bend at the hips. A slight bend is okay, letting your weight hang in your hand start to row the bell upwards, elbow close to the body squeeze the lats when we get to the back.

4. Sitting on your butt lift your feet as if you were in a V shape. Using the bell in both hands twist from side to side. Chest up, shoulders back, core tight.

5. Laying on the ground feet on the floor and hands in the air with the weight above the face, slightly push the bell up reaching it towards the ceiling. Make sure your are engaging your core and lifting from your abs not your neck. 

6. Holding a bell behind your hand create a 90 degree angle with your hands by bending at the elbow, once bent use your force to push the hands upwards hold, and repeat. 



Coach Auria