Bombshell Booty Blast

Here is an amazing booty focused workout for all you Boss Babes looking to lift, tone, and shape that booty for summer.  This workout is perfect if you want to screenshot this on your phone and head to the gym, or feel free to do this baby at home! ARE YOU READY TO BLAST THAT BOOTY?

Boss Babe Booty Tip: GET YOURSELF SOME ANKLE WEIGHTS!! The added weight adds that extra burn you need to create that bombshell booty. Seriously if you are looking to add something new into your routine I 100% suggest

Where to get them: You can buy light ones at any Canadian Tire or Winners fitness section. If you are looking for heavier I 100% suggest ordering online

Boss Babe Tip: Do this workout before you want to take any booty selfies (lets be honest who doesn't) .. you will thank me! 


Donkey Kicks 20 reps each leg 4 sets

Fire Hydrant 20 reps each leg 4 sets

Frog Thrusts 20 reps 4 sets

Sumo Squat Pulse 30 seconds 3 sets

 Walking lunges 1 minute 3 sets

* I do this whole workout with 10-15 lb ankle weights

1. Donkey kicks- on your hands and knees, place one leg straight back and kick up to the sky. Making sure we feel that "squeeze" aka contraction as we kick our leg up. 

2. Fire Hydrant- on your hands and knees, bend one leg to 90 degrees and kick it out to the side, keeping your leg bent. Contracting the booty with every rep. Think like a dog peeing on a fire hydrant. Works great with a booty band too!

3. Lying on your back and arms by your side. Bring your feet together and knees apart, push your glutes to the sky and thrust upwards! It may feel strange but its amazingly effective. 

4.Sumo Squat Pulse-  With your feet wider then hip distance apart, angle your feet slightly outwards. Sitting back into a squat you want your chest up and shoulders relaxed. Begin to pulse up and down quickly keeping the booty contracted and abdomen tight. 

5. Standing upright. Step forward with one foot, your toes should be facing straight ahead. Be sure your legs are aligned - your front knee should be aligned with the foot. Begin to lower your back knee towards the floor. Push back up to the starting position and take a step forward to complete another lunge. Concentrate on squeezing your buttocks to push yourself up, and keep the abdomen tight and the lower back in a neutral position.



Auria Geskin