Rest Days

Hey Boss Babes!

So a few days ago I took 4 days off from the gym. To me, taking even one day off I feel like I've lost everything I worked for which isn't true whatsoever but that's just how my brain works I guess!

After 4 days, I finally went back to the gym and I squatted for the first time since my break. I ended up with a new PR and I was consistent throughout all of my sets feeling stronger than ever. I never realized the impact rest days have. I felt stronger, more energized, and overall more confident in my lifting.

So, basically what I'm trying to say is REST. Let your body recover so that you can come back to the gym feeling confident in your body and confident in your training. It allows your muscles and connective tissues to repair, but it also is just nice to take a few days to focus on your nutrition, and also do other things during the day that you may not have done. 

I never realized how amazing I could feel after taking a few days off. Taking rest days is not going to kill you, IT'S GOING TO BETTER YOU!

This blog post may be short, but its important! Take some time to even figure out what your next couple of training days are going to look like, focus on eating, focus on RELAXING, FOCUS ON YOU!


Written by: Lauren Hedley

Instagram: laurenhedleyy