Boulder Shoulder Workout

Hey Babes,

We have another killer workout for you to add to your routine! If training shoulders or heck even arms ISNT in your routine... Oh, baby then its time for a change. Not only will training your arms aid in everyday life (groceries, your purse, lifting your kids) but it will also complete your total look. No one likes a guy that ignores leg day so don't be that gal to ignore arm day. 

Not sure how to properly perform the exercises? We'be got your back! 

Soon you will be able to watch this workout on our youtube as welll


Let's get into the workout!

Military press: Grab a weighted barbell with your hands shoulder distance apart. You will want your hands to wrap over not under the bar (knuckles showing). Keeping your core tight and lower body balanced and aware I want you to push the weight upward above your head. Make sure not to over extended as you place your arms upwards. We always want a bend. Lower the weight slow and controlled. This is one rep 


Shoulder press: In a seated position pick a set of Dumbbells, bending your arms upwards at a 90-degree angle. This will be your starting position. Being to slowly lift the weight above your head until your weights meet. Return your weights to your originally 90-degree angle and you have completed one rep.


Straight arm raises w/ a plate: Standing up keep one plate between both hands and start with your arms lowered to your quads. Begging to lift the weight to about eye level with straight arms. Lower the weight to complete your rep. Make sure to keep your traps relaxed!! 


Cable shoulder pulls: set up: at a cable machine lower the handle all the way to the ground. Ideally, you would want a rope attachment! Bend with your legs to grab the rope rather than your back. Once in your hands I want you to keep in mind that your core is tight, traps are relaxed, the shoulder is down and back. Begin to pull the rope towards your chest feeling that squeeze in your delts. Lower the rope and you have completed one rep 



Hint: Controlling the weight will ensure we are responsible for the entire load and not depending on momentum to get your reps in!