My Top 5 Favourite Back Exercises - Lauren Hedley

Happy Monday Boss Babes! Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend! In just 4 days I'll be on my way to New Orleans to start my vacation! It's a cruise that were on for 7 days and I can't wait to have some stress free time. 

I thought today I'd add on to my other back day blog post I did a while ago and add in some new exercises that I really enjoy. Back is my strongest body part thanks to swimming so it's also my favorite to train. So here's my top 5 favourite back exercises!

1. Lat Pull downs - 4 sets, 10 Repetitions - I like to start off with light weight just to warm up my muscles and get everything loose and flowing. Wide grip, focusing on those lats when pulling down. I like to go light, medium, heavy, light with my weight but still able to do 10 repetitions without struggling to bring the bar down. You can also play with time under tension, which means basically how long your muscles are under strain for. 

2. Seated Grip Rows - 4 sets, 10 Repetitions - Basically same deal with lat pull downs. Doing light, medium, heavy, light weight. Pull shoulders back before you start your pull. Don't pull back too far, only as far as your elbows align with the rest of your body (if that makes any sense lol). Focusing on form and also at the top of your row, hold for 1-2 seconds longer than usual and let go slower. Fast up, squeeze, slow down. 

3. Rope Straight Arm Pull downs - 4 sets, 12 Repetitions I like this exercise because I seem to feel it in my entire back. Make sure to keep your back straight, and also your arms but with a slight bend. You can use a rope or a straight bar on the cable machine but that's up to you! 

4. One Arm Dumbbell Row - 4 sets, 12 Repetitions - I like to focus on good form. Straight back, focusing on our row making sure not to pull too high past our body. I like to do the fast up, squeeze, slow down method.

5. Deadlifts - 5 sets, 10 Repetitions - I like to do some Romanian Deadlifts on my back day just to get my hammies into it and also lower back. Form is key or you could hurt yourself. Straight back, slight bend in those knees. Squeezing at top for 1-2 more seconds than usual.


Written by: Lauren Hedley

Instagram: laurehedleyy