My Top 5 Favorite Bicep Exercises - Lauren Hedley

Good Morning Everyone! 3 more days until I'm finally able to relax and soak up the sun. 

I've decided that I'm going to be writing my next few blog posts on my top favorite exercises for EVERYTHING! 

1. Regular Standing Bicep Curls - 4 sets, 15,12,10,8 Repetitions OR Seated Bicep Curls - 4 sets, 10 Repetitions Each Arm - I like to do these sitting as well just because it creates more of a challenge especially if you are using heavier weight. I like to drop set my standing bicep curls just to push myself into heavier weight. Do not swing when doing your bicep curls. Form is important in these even if it is only curls.

2. 21's - 4 sets (Medium weight) - I started out doing these with a regular barbell but decided I wanted to try it on a cable. I prefer the cable honestly I think its just because I sway a lot when using the barbell. Basically first you curl upward until you make a 90 degree angle with your elbow and do 7 reps, then from the 90 degree angle from your elbow, curl the weight up and do 7 reps. **THIS IS NOT FULL EXTENSION** after doing 14 total, now do full extension bicep curls for 7 (Or just YouTube this exercise since I suck at explaining it).

3. Resistance Seated Bicep Curls Machine - 4 sets, 10 Repetitions WIDE GRIP + 10 Repetitions CLOSE GRIP - I LOVE THIS SUPERSET!! Basically for the wide grip ones you try and use heavier weight, and then for the close grip it's basically a burnout and you'll feel it so in order to do 10 repetitions I do lighter weight. 

4. Hammer Curls - 4 sets, 10 Repetitions - I like to do fast up, hold, slow down. This really helps with creating that intense pump and you'll be able to feel the muscles more.

5. Rope Curls - 2-3 sets until failure - MY FAVORITE! I love love love to burnout my arms with this!! Focus on consistently trying to squeeze at the top of that curl to get the full effect.