WHAT UP MY BOSS BABES?! First of all I want to say THANK YOU! Thank you so much for all the support and love with out first launch of the website, we have so much coming and so many things in the works so starting this community is truly a dream come true, but onto the thing that's very important as well...that booty and those booty gains. 

One thing I get asked a lot is what my favorite leg day/ booty workouts are and how I have got my ass big and tight. With my booty e-book coming in June I wanted to share with you my favorite workouts and some tips before then so you can get that booty right and tight as soon as possible. 


  1. Kickbacks- Cables, Body Weight or Kick Back Machine. 

I LOVEEEEE kickbacks. Not only do they really target your body but because of the movement itself you will really target the glutues maximus (largest muscle in dat ass girl) my favorite way is to use the cable machine and wrap it around your ankle and do a small kickback, bring it back in and do a full kickback. This way you are doing double the work and really targeting that muscle. 

2 .Squats- (Any Variation) 

To really work on building the booty you have to put the squats into it. Front squats, close stance to wide stance, pulse squats, hack squats. THEY ARE ALL SO GOOD. Squats target not only your glutes & legs for the killer booty swell but they also end up tightening your core and working your full body for an overall amazing workout. 

3. Deadlifts- (Single Leg, Straight Leg or Dumbbell)

When I originally started doing legs a couple years ago the thought of dead-lifting was absolutely terrifying and I avoided it at all costs, but implementing deadlifts into my hamstring days has made the biggest difference in my booty development. It really works every muscle- from your hamstrings to your booty for noticeable swells right away. 


In order to get a big booty you have to eat to fuel your muscle development. NO, do not binge after a leg day but make sure you are drinking protien shakes and eating a big meal either before or after to really fuel everything you just built. 

REST! Getting a nice, plump butt is important forsure but REST and take breaks. If you never give your muscles the chance to repair themselves you will not see the full benefits 

Stay positive and be realistic. You will not see results right away but fall in love with the process and the workouts.

Written by: Ashley Resch