The Gym & Mental Health- The Balance | Ashley Resch

Putting my mental health first is the way I live my life and the way I try to encourage everyone in my life to live their life. I have always said and will always stand by is putting your mental health first. But what about finding that balance while you are training and trying to improve your physical health? How do you counteract your negative mindset to keep pushing in the gym when you don't have anything left? These are some tips I have. 

1) Take a break

When you are going through a lot of changes physically your body will be exhausted and sore, and even though you are killing it in the gym it doesn't mean you aren't dealing with all the sh*t life throws at us. So not only are your physically beaten down but mentally you are drained, so take a break and actually take a break. Watch tv, go shopping, sit on a patio-TAKE A BREAK. 

2) You will feel better after the gym

If you are ever debating if you want to go to the gym or not, because you might just not feel like it or you've had a bad day, think again. Think to how good you feel when you leave the gym. Personally, anytime I have a bad day or my mind set is in a bad place I go to the gym and although my problems aren't solved I have more clarity. 

3) Remind yourself why you started

Never forget why and where you started. This will be your motivation and even on the hardest days will make you want to go to the gym and kill it. 

4) Avoiding the gym is not going to help you feel better 

As harsh as this might be, staying at home and eating badly and not going to the gym will not solve your problems; No,  I'm not saying going to the gym is going to solve your problems but it will allow you to decompress and not focus on the bad things for 45 minutes. 

I truly hope this is able to help you whenever you are looking for tips for why you should go to the gym and I hope that it becomes a place of peace for you. 

Thank you for reading!

- Ashley Resch
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