Whats In My Gym Bag- Auria Geskin

My gym bag aka my LIFE LINE is packed full with my essentials and hacks that I have learned over the years. Every Boss Babe knows that at the gym, the key behind feeling confident and prepared is covering all your bases. My days are usually long and very busy and once I leave the house I’m gone. So no matter if its a peanut butter spill on my leggings (do you mean you don’t keep a jar in your car?), pit stains, faded makeup, or who whatever else my day might bring, I am covered.

  1. Dry shampoo... DUH
  2. Booty Bands (Resistance Bands)

FitTip: Wanna killer butt workout? Add bands when you’re on the stair master next time and thank me later

3. Everyday Makeup Bag

You don’t need much but concealer, mascara, bronzer, and liquid highlighter go a long way when you feel like a zombie after 6am morning cardio

4. Alternate leggings, Sports bra, Shirt- EXTRA CLOTHING

I know it seems like a lot but life never works out as planned.

5. BCAAs and Protein Powder

Time to take your post recovery seriously ladies! This changed the game for me. BCAAs stand for branch chain amino acids and are essential for muscle recovery and protein synthases. After a heavy weighted day its important to feed your muscles as soon as possible... NO PROTEIN DOES NOT MAKE YOU BULKY I PINKY PORMISE

FitTip: For the ladies wanting to get lean the more muscle you have the more fat you burn. 

6. Headphones

Cuz what’s a workout without beats

7.  Oatmeal packets

FitTip: Meal prep on the go magic right here, seriously run into any Tims, gas station, Wendy’s, you name it they’ve got a plastic bowl and hot water.

Written by: Auria Geskin