Whats In My Gym Bag: Ashley Resch


I hope you guys are having an amazing week! I wanted to share What's In My Gym Bag, lately because I have been traveling so much and bringing my gym bag I think I have perfected what you need for essentials in your gym bag. 


I always have 2 pairs of shoes...

Flat footed (converse or keds) and running shoes. The reason I do this is because I will change my shoes based on what I am working out. While doing squats or a heavy leg day I typically opt for flat footed shoes because for me it is way more  comfortable for me to squat without any type of padding in the shoe but I still need the support of a running shoe for any type of cardio. 


I think this is self-explanatory 


Beats by Dre/ Headphones

Because music is my only bae. 


I bring a heavy sweater/ hoodie with me every time I go to the gym (even in the summer) because when I want to make cardio a little bit harder I will throw on a hoodie over top of whatever I'm wearing and my Sweet Sweat band to really start sweating. 

Resistance Bands

I am absolutely in love with resistance bands and use them every single day in at least one aspect of my fitness routine, resistance bands are awesome for toning up your core or adding a challenge to any leg day routine. 

Amino Acids, BCAA's or Protein/ Protein Bar

Sometimes after a workout session I find myself super low of energy and a little shaky. Sometimes this happens because I'm sick or under the weather so whenever I am feeling like this I take a single scoop of either my Amino Acids, BCAA's or Protein (sometimes even a cookies & cream Quest Bar)  to give myself a little boost. 

Sweet Sweat Band

Normally I struggle to sweat during my workouts so because of this I swear by the sweet sweat band. It makes me sweat and I notice the difference in my core right away!

And that's it for my gym bag! Thanks for reading and make sure to use the form below to subscribe to Boss Babe Movement!

- Ashley Resch