Why You Need To Practice More Self Love


“The wisest thing you can do is be the fullest, happiest version of you. That means some consistent, unabashed self-lovin. It will also inspire others to treat themselves better too”

-Susie Moore

That’s right ladies and gentlemen I said it. Now hear me out on this one, when was the last time you really took time for yourself? Noo I am not talking about standing in the mirror and telling yourself how amazing you are, I’m talking about the STUFF you love to do. It could be singing, hiking, picture taking, Latin dancing or busting out the old faithful face mask for a spa day. Its about taking time for YOU. How could you possibly do your best without making sure you ARE at your best. As the saying goes “you cant pour from an empty cup”,  and that’s exactly right. Many of us have huge goals and aspirations for our lives but the hardest part is realizing that step one is YOURSELF. Have you ever gone through a hectic week or month and at the end it felt like a blur? Do you end your weeks mentally exhausted and your weekends sleeping?

A year ago you could have asked me those questions and I would have said yes to both. When I wanted to kick my career into a higher gear I quickly realized the importance of listening to your body and TAKING time for your self.  Heck it could be 5 minutes, its the practice of taking time out of the day to make sure YOU are okay. Here are some practices that I personally use.


1.       Journal Writing-

Tip: begin every morning with writing a grateful log, speak about the things that you are truly grateful for in your life! Keep your book for anytime you need a little reminder


2.       Make Time to Try Something New-

I know you’ve been wanting to... so do it!


3.       Write Positive Affirmations and post them around your house-

Tip: Get an erasable marker and doodle whatever inspires you on your mirror!


4.       Exercises-

I know it may be painful at times but even if you just go for a walk you are doing something POSITIVE for your body


5.       Plan an evening of rest-

No to-do’s or rushing around...YOU time

Written By: Auria Geskin