How to Stay Motivated To Achieve Your Goals and Dreams

The one thing that's certain is, like taking a shower, motivation does not last. That's why we need it daily. So many people feel discouraged after a few weeks of trying to become healthier or trying to attain one of their goals and..unfortunately most turn to old habits to then repeat the viscous cycle again. The key to success is to realize that everyone needs a little extra push to keep them going. Once you have realized that's all it takes you must find what motivates you to be better. Here are my MUST have motivation tips;

1. Find your Quote

"You did not wake up today to be mediocre"

Many mornings I find myself groaning that I again must wake up at 5am to get my workout in for the day. When I find myself tempted to close my eyes for another hour I tell myself outloud (no matter how stupid it sounds or makes me look) I will verbalize my favorite quote to myself a few times "I did not wake don't wake up to be mediocre", "I did not wake don't wake up to be mediocre"," I did not wake don't wake up to be mediocre"


2. Grab an erasable marker

Write EVERYWHERE, on our fridge, mirror, window. Write your goals, favorite quote. I know it may seem silly but you never know when the feeling to binge eat or shame your body may come. BE ready for that feeling. We are human and, feelings are inevitable. I always say its never about what happens, its about how you choose to handle it.


3.Be kind to yourself

We deal with so much stress in our day to day lives, don't let yourself be another reason to worry. Know that through hard work and determine you will achieve anything. Remember that the average Canadian lives to 81 years old, you have along time in your body so be kind. The easier you are on yourself the more your perception of the difficulty of your goals will change.  

4. The "Just 10 minutes approach"

Ever wanted to not to do your homework? Ya thats frickin all of us. Next time you are unmotivated to complete a task that needs to be done tell yourself "Just 10 minutes". 10 minutes of full focus, no phone, no other distractions. This usually is enough to curb my apathy and before I know Im almost done. If that unsuccessful.. do intervals! Sometimes slow a steady wins the race so if you must do 10 minutes, break 10 more minutes... do it!'s worth it! 

I hope these tips help you in your venture to becoming a Boss Babe


Auria Geskin