Fast Read Friday

What are you grateful for?

Every Morning I begin with journal writing, its normally a few minutes of verbal diarrhea followed by my "grateful log". What is that you ask? Well its one simple question. What are you grateful for? I know the exercise seems a little silly BUT I urge you to try it once.


Often we get caught up in the stresses and pressures of life and we forget how blessed we are. As the great Gary Vee pointed out the odds of becoming human are 400,000,000,000,000 to ONE. You could have become a bee, or hey your parents could have had an extra glass of Gin and Tonic and YOU would have not been born. Really puts things into prospective hey? Despite that,countless people still struggle with feeling truly grateful. Its not about focusing on whose grass is greener, its about watering your own. Yes Life may not be perfect for any of us, and yes we have all endured or own stresses BUT, the reason behind this exercise is to show us what we have. Whether today you are grateful for your dog, or the spring sun finally coming out of hibernation. This exercise is meant to put a smile on your face! Maybe you went o the gym and for the first time you tried a push up, dosnt matter if you failed or not.. be grateful for the fact that you pushed yourself ,be grateful for the journey your body is on.

Be Grateful!