Self Love

Self Love

Self love is all about believing that you are a valuable and worthy human being. There are a few different ways to describe what self love is. You could either take it as keeping yourself active and having a healthy lifestyle or also loving yourself the way that you are both physically and mentally. Basically being in a happy state of mind with yourself and what’s around you.  Self love is a key part in life. It’s important to keep yourself grounded and remember why you do what you do in order to achieve self love.

How did I come to achieve self love?

One of the most effective ways I have found has been through fitness, setting goals and achieving them. Pushing yourself to become the best version of yourself, seeing the results of the hard work and dedication you put into the gym quickly becomes a strong motivator to keep that drive and fire alive. You can truly be proud to look back and see just how far you have come.

Now there are always bad days, I have found having bad days has helped me achieve self love, and it might seem a bit strange.
 However those are the days you decide whether or not you’re going to let that one thing ruin your entire state of mind or you’re going to put it past you and continue on through that day. It’s normal to have bad days, it’s all just about learning how to persevere through them.
Having tough days builds character and it teaches you just how tough you actually are.
I’ve found taking a rest day sometimes really helps bring you back into focus to get ready for the next day, being over-tired makes you lose focus and not see or think clearly.
Sometimes that day is more than needed to keep yourself at a perfect balance both mentally and physically.

It is important to always listen to what others say, but I have also taught myself how to separate the helpful criticism as well as the negative criticism.
 Both are inevitable to come your way, it’s all in how you take the advice/criticism and put it in effect into your everyday life as it can very well help you to better yourself.

In short, self love to me is all about your ability to see the bright side no matter how tough the situation your facing might be. The definition of self love varies from person to person you just need to be happy and thankful for even the smallest things in your life.
Take time for yourself and find out who YOU are, no one can decide who you will be except yourself and don’t let anyone tell you different.

You will learn to love yourself for everything you are, and when you are truly content with the person you are, you will be the definition of self love.

Believe in yourself :)


Written By: Lauren Hedley