So You Want The Diamonds And Gold Hey?

Hey Boss Babes!

Auria here, today I am going to give you a mother f**king pep-talk that you need. For all the people that think achieving the "nicer things" in life is easy, that think by getting drunk all four years of university and getting a degree that they can simply make loads of money and have a Range Rover. In a world were Instagram and Snapchat have made private jets, posing with champagne bottles, and sharing your #OOTD normal. ITS TIME TO WAKE UP

......Are you ready?  

So you want the diamonds and gold hey? You want success and achievements? Well that takes years and years of hard a** work. Yup you read it... WORK! Day in and day out. You need the drive to continually grow. You need to know the road might be lonely and, I never said it was going to be easy but, NOTHING WORTH HAVING IS EASY. The average Canadian lives to 81 years old... do you really want to live a life YOU DIDN'T DREAM OF?! You sure as heck do not wake up every single day again and again TO BE MEDIOCRE! Diamonds are created UNDER PRESSURE so, learn to enjoy the discomfort of reaching your wildest dreams.

Don't know what you want to do with life yet? THAT IS OKAY... I urge you to do some deep searching within yourself, to look yourself in the face and have a REAL CONVERSATION. Break down your insecurities that are HINDERING you from reaching your true potential. ACCEPT YOURSELF and learn to LOVE YOURSELF, the rest will fall in place. WORK ON YOURSELF FROM THE INSIDE OUT.  

LET GO of the SOUL SUCKERS in your life! 

A soul sucker are those people in your life that are constantly negative, constantly taking advantage of you, people that are not trustworthy, put you down, or take without... it could be just one quality or a combination of them. Either way these people are hindering you from true success and YES the DIAMONDS and GOLD too.  

Its time to be a BOSS BABE and take control of your own life.


Auria Geskin