Competition Day- ABBA Southerns 2017


Why I choose to Compete:

Lets start at the beginning:  Fitness for me was always an outlet. I discovered the gym as a teen in need of an outlet. My childhood was far from easy and left me well... scared, insecure, and generally hopeless in life. By the time I had graduated I was working three jobs and fully supporting myself. During this time I put my mental health, fitness, and everything on hold. It was at my lowest part of a deep depression (my rock bottom) that I decided to make a change.. A CHOICE. I was either going to live life exactly HOW I WANTED TO, LOVE MYSELF, AND MAKE AN IMPACT or die. I was no longer going to live an average life that I hated maybe, that's an aggressive view of life but its the TRUTH. Its how I FELT and how I still feel. After deciding to make the change, I went to the gym every single day. At first to help raise my endorphin's, get active, and healthier. I was hooked right away...Then it became more to me... I enjoyed being at the gym,I enjoyed the challenges it allowed me to over come, and I am proud of the person it has allowed me to become. 

I choose to compete because it pushes me to grow every single day. It gives me goals, butterflies, and the rush I need. 

How I made the change:

I get a lot of questions about how I really made a change in my life that allowed me to make SUCH positive choices and, I am going to tell you the exact things I did.

I took one year to myself: I even named it "The Year Of Auria" I don't care how cheesy or dumb that sounds.. it was everything I needed. and I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO HAVE THEIR OWN YEAR. I took one whole year to myself to heal. Its an ever continuing journey but god has it helped. I started to explore what I liked, I took risks, I cut out everyone in my life who was a "soul sucker" or negative influence, I read self help books, I interviewed countless of strong women with inspiring stories, I took that extra yoga class. Everyone has the time, its just a matter of doing so

I built my tribe: This one was key for me. As I began to love myself more, I realized that I deserved BETTER friends.. and oh did I find them. I am so so grateful for every person in my life because they push me to be better. This didn't happen magically, in-fact quite organically! I just had to be open to new experiences and understand that I was worthy. 


HOLY SMOKES!!! 16 weeks (112 days) of intensive preparation had FINALLY COME. The weeks leading up to show day were some of the hardest but best of my life. I never thought I could have PUSHED myself as hard as I did! 

The Day Before: I drove up to Red Deer (Where the comp was held) at 8am to get my spray tan... IT WAS A TRAUMATIZING EVENT. With just my luck it manged to rain extremely hard. If you know ANYTHING about a spray tan, you know that's a deadly mix. Before the afternoon even hit I looked like a striped splotchy tiger (Eeek). Athletes Check-in and meeting was at 7:30pm. After that WE HAD SOME FUN. A fellow competitor and I hit up the local earls (shout out to our server if, you are reading this you are AWESOME) we both had a marvelous glass of win and steak + fries. This is a method called carb/fat loading. Sounds crazy to the average but, the goal is that,if you have successfully depleted your body the boost in fats and carbs will "fill" or bring bring out muscle definition... aka the best meal of prep

Comp Day:  I FINALLY (after two more coats) got my tan fixed (phew). The competition didn't start until 5pm and I was in class D (your are classed by height A-F in this show) so I didn't even get to strut my stuff until around 9pm! Hahah that sure did make for a lot of tanned HANGRY girls! I restricted my water for the show meaning very little sips! Every hour I ate 2 whole wheat rice crackers with peanut butter and jam and 30 minutes before show time I ate an O-Henry. This again is a method to bring out extra muscle definition, keep hungry levels lower, raise glucose levels (for my girls that are prone to fainting this is important), the list goes on! |I would never recommend not eating during show day and  this is purely for competition purposes. This is never to be applied to real life. When the class in front of you is up, the staff call up your class to pump up (yes girls in full hair/makeup and heals are pumping iron behind stage). This is where the nerves kick in for sure. As you get ready to go on stage the butterflies really kick in. Soon after that they lined us up and prepped us for stage. It was the most incredible feeling when it was my turn to do my individual routine. I cant even describe it. After 16 weeks of hard work, it was all worth it. I had accomplished my goals, stuck to my plan, and done what I have dreamed about for years. I ended up finishing 4th in my class filled with incredible women and i'm so honored to have made top 5. Qualifying for provincials, my season is NOT done. I will be prepping the next two weeks for the ABBA provincials June 24th in Calgary! I do not expect to place at all, I am going in for the stage experience, and the incredible chance to compete against the best ladies in Alberta which can ONLY make me better and stronger. First Competition of many to come. You can expect more growth every time!