How To Make Yourself Proud

Hey Boss Babes,

Today I wanted to discuss a serious topic. Over almost three years ago now I hated myself and my surroundings. I was just another sad teenage statistic destine for a life living within the "social norm". The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy defines the term as, "the customary rules that govern behavior in groups and societies". You know what i'm talking about.. Go to college, don't be a slut but on the other hand don't be a prude, be married with kids by 30, 9am-5pm shifts, and the list goes on forever. The impending doom of a life I was not so thrilled about bogged me down. I FELT STUCK! You want to know what I have discovered? 

 IN ORDER TO MAKE YOURSELF PROUD YOU MUST....JUST DO IT- Ya i'm talking to you Boss Babe. Just f**king do it. Those dreams you have in the back of your head, that body you always wanted. Change your life by ACTION! THIS IS NOT A QUICK FIX.... not one successful person (mentally or financial) has had it easy. NO ONE IS GOING TO CHANGE YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES BESIDES YOURSELF. 

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building on the new."

- Unknown

This means you need to CHANNEL that inner BOSS BABE and start living life fearlessly. Stop caring about the social norms that were put in place to control the masses (please still abide the law). Stop caring if your step mother (or whoever) approves of you taking a semester off to travel.. if YOU want to do it... DO IT! Start making yourself happy by making decisions for yourself.


Start living life like a BOSS BABE 


Coach Auria