Feeling A Little Blue? 8 Powerful Things To Do When You Need A Pick Me Up

Hey Babes,

We all have those days trust me. The ones when you just don't feel 100% alright, next time try one of these 10 suggestions (or more I won't judge!) and see how you feel afterward.

1. Go for a long walk, and bring your favorite tunes

2. Take that yoga, barre, spin, or boxing class (whatever your vice may be)

When you are feeling down this might feel like quite the task BUT breaking a sweat in a positive environment can really do a lot for the soul! 

3. Plan a pamper night: Face mask, hot bath, light some candles, put on some Beyonce 

4. Write a thank you letter to someone close 

Wonders can be done by allowing yourself to feel grateful! It really can put the world and your problems into perspective 

5. Watch your favorite childhood movie 

6. Bake your favorite dessert (Chocolate lava cake anyone?)

7. Try to see the bigger picture

This may be the most difficult when you feel low but please try to remember how lucky you are to be alive and how extraordinary it really is to be human.

8. Write down a list of small attainable goals that you will complete this week

Feeling down? Sometimes you just gotta make yourself proud and show yourself how much you can get done.

Next time you need a pick me up, try one of these to help ya out! 


Auria Geskin