In Need Of a Pick-Me Up? Holy By Jamila Woods

Hey Babes,

As we say goodbye to Summer and hello to Fall, we also welcome back our hectic schedules, busy lives, and so much more. As the lyrics go "woke up this morning with my mind set on loving me. With my mind set on loving me. I'm not lonely, I'm alone and I'm holy by my own." Need a little bit of TLC? BLAST this song by the wonderful Jamila Woods and dance in your kitchen a few times and realize the root of happiness is YOU! This song is my new ANTHEM. Self-love is not created overnight, it's created by making the choice every morning to LOVE YOURSELF. We constantly need to be working on our bodies, so why would you neglect your precious brain? You are so worth it. 


Coach Auria 

Auria GeskinComment