Little Update: Lauren Hedley

Hey Guys,


So so so sorry I have been so MIA lately. I honestly didn't realize how much shit I have going on in my life so I thought I would just write this blog about why I have been so distant. I never realized how much I had on my plate until I started school last week. As some of you may know I took a year off and just started my first year at Mount Royal for Sports Management. For me, I have never ever been good at school. I always got low marks except in like maybe 2 classes and I honestly never really went to school much. Once I actually started back in school though my entire mindset has changed toward it and my goal is to really really do well this year. I guess it's not an excuse but I know my parents have spent TONS on my tuition so I need to make them proud ya know? Who wouldn't. So basically juggling work, school, working out has been super hard.

But enough about school, honestly lately you guys I have been dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety attacks because of the amount of stress I'm under. My depression has seemed to kick back in but that happens all the time. Unfortunately though, dealing with all of this has taken the biggest toll on my favorite thing in the world, working out. I have been SO unmotivated and so lazy lately, not eating, not sleeping correctly, just been a lot lately I guess. Which of course takes a HUGE toll on the mental side of things since I truly am my hardest critic. But honestly this I'm time its been  really really hard. I've been loosing a lot of weight, not thinking right, and it has taken the biggest toll on me. Now I know a lot of you are probably like oh shut up but like, it is hard to balance all these new things in my life. 

I honestly don't know why I'm writing this I kind of just needed to vent and also apologize for not writing any blog posts lately I promise to try and get on top of that. I guess what I'm writing this for is FIND A BALANCE. That is basically what I'm trying to learn how to do right now. I now realize how much time it can take and how hard it can be at times but eventually I'll figure it out. For working out though, I really hope I can get back into the gym soon. Because my god even going to the gym right now and seeing the progress I've lost it just kills me. I know people are like oh my god you look amazing or oh my god wow look at you but that's not ME. My brain is so confusing especially when it comes to myself and what I look like. I guess for me it takes a long long time to love myself, but eventually I'll get there. 

So guys, when you get stressed and don't know where to look or what to do, find a balance. I've started writing in my new agenda all the things I have to do that week and I guess that's my first step. It has really helped so I guess now it's time to fit the gym into my crazy schedule. I promise I'll try my best to blog more I think I just have to get adjusted to school first.


Have a great day Boss Babes.


Lauren Hedley