If I Could Speak To My Younger Self: Ashley Resch

Dear younger version of me,

You are sweet, kind, innocent and are incredibly naive to everyone's intentions and you believe anything anyone tells you because you believe that villains are only in fairy-tails but never real life. Constantly you are trying to find an escape, a pathway or just a reason why you are just as important as every other being on this planet; you constantly question whats the point, and where your life will end up. 

I want you to know that your worth is never dependent on others thoughts or views of yourself, your worth is never determined by the man you have chosen to be with or that has chosen to not be with you. Your worth is determined completely by the price tag you put on yourself; don't put it on clearance or even sale- give yourself the price you deserve. 

When you are 19 your life will dramatically change but this change is the best change that could have ever happened because without the tragedy you never would have been able to create the art you do. 

Life is not going to get easier, when you graduate highschool your problems become bigger and more life altering than you could have mentally prepared yourself for, but do the right thing and be the bigger person; but never sacrifice your morals. Stick to what you know, and stop trying to prove yourself to people who won't matter in 3 months let alone in 5 years. 

Don't binge drink, don't take that stupid bar job, stop spending money you don't have and work your ass off because it pays off a million times more than you ever thought it could.