Lets Talk Business by an Instagram Model

Balance & money from an Instagram model?- You read that right, because if you can believe it or not, it is hard work that has gotten me to where I am. 

Being a 21 year old women who would like to buy everything on the face of the earth but also has a dream to be self-employed and owning my very own condo by the time I am 25 and everything else that I secretly work on... means working hard- and working my ass off. 

The reason I wanted to talk about balance & money is not because I think I am an expert or know everything about finance but I know is what I have experienced as young women ... especially as someone who tends to love shopping and traveling a little to much. 

Not only am I the founder of an amazing movement and modeling has become a full-time career but I also have a full-time job (I'm not telling you where or what, just know that I work 40 hours a week) why do I do this?

  • Is it because I don't make enough money modeling or through my business? No...
  • It is because I am trying to set myself up for a future of self-employment and finical security? Hell yes. 

Everyone now sees Instagram models, online trainers and people on social media "popping bottles" , traveling and living their lives in designer shoes but they don't see the work that goes behind their days; you only see the amount of trips, partying and shopping. (I am generalizing, but I am talking about myself and my personal experiences) 

Regardless of what you see online in these peoples stories I can guarantee we have one thing in common and that is that 24 hours in a day is not enough and the fact that we have to sleep (and sometimes get sick) is absolute BS. If I could be a superhuman who never slept, never got sick and could work 24 hours straight I would and its because I am impatient and I want everything and I want to that to happen...yesterday. 

Does that mean I work on something for a span for 2 weeks when its exciting and everything is going well- I wish I didn't have the drive I do. A business or starting a business is the most one-sided relationship of all time. Not only does all the excitement go away (and quickly) but more than several times a day you have to remind myself "why" and sometimes you don't see the pay off, sometimes you aren't getting the job you want and people are telling you that you aren't "the right person" or that you don't have "what they are looking for" - so yet again here you are in the mental battle of being a business owner. It takes a toll on you mentally and physically but you keep pushing because the journey is better then the destination; and for every-time I have spent my nights crying because I have been so mentally broken down it has all been so worth it to know I have made just the smallest difference in someones life. 

I also here the comments "well it looks like you are living the life" - wrong, my social media channels show you the life I want to see. (For the most part) do you see the fights of every couple you see as "relationship goals"... probably not but you see all the cute photos they have taken. This is where finding a balance in your lifestyle not only saves you from a one-sided mentally abusive relationship with your business but it allows you to love life. 

The reason I don't constantly give up on the dreams is because of my WHY. 

My WHY is my family...The people that I have been blessed enough to spend my entire life growing up around and the people who are my biggest fans and nothing would make me happier then to not only financially give them everything back but to really make them proud of who I have become. 

My supporters are my WHY-...To the people who you tell me I have inspired, empowered or change your life. THANK YOU, because that message has changed mine- I save every single one of those messages whenever I feel down on my business, movement or want to give up I look at the folder in my phone labeled "Why I Do This" which has every screenshot of positive messages you have ever sent me and I know that I keep grinding for you- not for the numbers in my bank account. 

The balance I have found for myself is making sure that my mental & physical well-being comes first- before business, before relationships, before anything; and if I even see myself in a toxic place I pull myself away regardless of what I could be jeopardizing. No job, no person and nothing is worth your life, or who you are- stay true to that.  

If money is all you are ever chasing in life you will be wealthy forsure but money doesn't do anything expect fill your closet, home or garage. Money is nothing if you don't a passion for what you have accomplished- how would I know? Because one time I got a bar tip for $2,000 for doing nothing then standing there and being pretty. Did it make me happy? For that and the day, but after that,? Did it change the fact that I couldn't control my alcohol habits or the toxic lifestyle that I lived? Not a chance, because honestly I couldn't tell you where that money went- more than likely to partying and sooner then I could tell it was gone. 

Stop living your life for Louboutins & Range Rovers and start living for yourself and your whys- if you want louboutins and range rovers work for it, but find your why and work for that first. Because trust me, I love my designer shoes but I love my family and supporters more. 

- Ashley Resch