Just Because I Want To Be In Love Doesn't Mean I Don't Love Myself

Loving yourself is a very hard task to do and once you've learned to truly love yourself the world just seems like a better place, but does that mean I shouldn't want love just because I love myself? Fuck no. 

I hear it all the time and see it posted online several times a day- "how can someone love you if you don't love yourself first" which is completely true because loving yourself is truly something I believe every single person should focus on before they commit to another human being. But, that doesn't mean that once you love yourself that prince or princess charming is just going to come knocking, because sadly the world doesn't work like that. 

Previously I have talked about my own issues with finding self-love and when you experience heartbreak  and I know from my experience that it can take a full year (if not longer) to truly be able to love yourself and be completely independent again after experiencing, falling and having love crush you. But even though I have felt the complete void love can make you feel I am still hopeful that romance and love is something that I will have and something I want and even though its something I want I still love myself and I am still happy...I am just missing a piece of my puzzle. 

Everyone's goals in life is different and mine happen to revolve around my career and business success but also are about finding true love with my true love and  that doesn't mean I am on every dating site and constantly dating/meeting men thinking "this is the one" but it is something that I would like to happen someday.

Love is a completely unknown variable in everyone's life but, I truly believe that everyone has more than one soul mate and can find love with more than one person depending on where they are in their life.

Being at the point I am in my life I can say I love who I am, I am proud of my accomplishments and I feel like I am constantly moving forward but not having love and having it be completely unknown variable and out of my own personal control means I can't plan my life around it and being a control freak that sucks...but it also means I am hopeful and one day I know it will happen but, I still love myself completely and my worth is not defined by my love life- it’s just another goal I have and something else I want in my life. 

For everyone who loves being single- good for you and if you are happy then I am happy for you. 

For anyone who tells us we need to love ourselves more- Please stop telling us that we need to focus on ourselves and love will come because no matter how much you "love yourself" everyone has a timeline that we don't determine and love will come when it’s supposed to, but hearing we need to love ourselves when we clearly do is just fucking annoying.

For the people who don't have love yet- Don't become bitter. Fall in love with the idea of love and everything that love has to offer. Love is all around us every single day and someday it will be with a partner (if that is what you want) but, if I could ask for anyone reading this I would just hope that everyone stays optimistic and doesn't become bitter because love (regardless of it being with another person or not) is a truly amazing thing that we are surrounded by everyday.