My Wakeup Call: Ashley Resch

As most of you may or may not know in addition to modelling and running Boss Babe Movement I used to also work a full-time career. Monday- Friday 7:30am-4:30pm as a Regional Health & Safety Coordinator for a staffing agency. That was my job for the past year and prior to that I was working my ass off as the Administrative Assistant to get promoted into this position. 

(and no, this is not an article for you to feel bad for me or to think I am anything except a regular person with the same struggles) 

Getting promoted into this job had perks like I had never experienced, for the first time in my life I felt like I was making a positive difference in so many peoples lives by helping them through injury that were sometimes life changing. I was paid to travel all over Canada for conferences, meetings & claims and I was making more money than I understood why I deserved. Sounds perfect right? 

This past year of my life I had perks like no other and was truly blessed for being put into a role like this with very little education in the field however that did not make me any happier or make my life any more fulfilling when I woke up and had to drag myself to my office each and everyday. I can honestly say at the end of my job at this agency I was truly and utterly depressed and miserable. 

I had always heard people saying that “life was to short” or that “you don’t have to trap yourself in a job” but I had to much pride and thought my only value was in the title I carried for one company. So I stuck it out way longer than anyone as miserable as me should have, but the thought of changing anything in my life especially losing money was so scary that I decided at that point last April that my happiness was dependant on a paycheque. I looked forward to every Wednesday for payday when I would go shopping, drinking and spend way to much money on food… you know the regular things that 20 year olds do after getting paid.

But then one day it got to be too much, it wasn’t one blow out that happened or one day i woke up and decided I was done, but rather I had a wake up call. I was sitting in a cubical at 21 years old while all my friends were pursing their passions and living lives as young people in their 20’s and I felt like I was behind because I wasn’t settled down and didn’t want to buyhouse. I actually felt like I was failing at something in my life because I didn’t have a relationship at the time, a true plan, a love for the company and a career path so I made the choice to leave.

I thought I figured it out last year that money doesn’t make happiness but I didn’t because last year when I thought that was my lesson it turned out to be a very different point and I finally realized that what makes me truly happy is advancing in my careers of passion not money, traveling and surrounding myself with people and things I love; which is what I decided to do. 

Do I have my life planned out like I once did? Absolutely not. Do I know what I want to do with my life? No But am I happy? Fuck ya.