Stop Taking The Easy Way Out

After a brief read through the Pinterest health & fitness category this morning instead of getting new workouts, new workout clothes or inspiration I found: 

" If you eat garlic & honey on an empty stomach you will lose 7 pounds" 

" Murder of Obesity. A tablespoon per day will help you lose 30 pounds in 1 month" 

Which now brings me to this article. 

Losing weight, getting healthy and sculpting your body into what your ideal "dream body"  will NEVER be easy and if it is easy it won't last. Through my life everything I ever achieved I accomplished through hard-work, struggles and constantly working towards my goals and if it was easy it never lasted; this included my fitness routine. I thought for so long that if I just went to the gym 3 days a week and did cardio for 20 minutes it gave me an excuse to eat twice my body weight in McDonald's afterwards, clearly that didn't work. 

Stop thinking that fitness is a quick one time fix or that their is a one time fix for your body. If you had a porshe you would treat it like a porshe... feed it the best gas, keep the fuel clean and make sure everything it running properly; does that mean that you are never going to eat fast food in that amazing car? NO- it means you will but you will also make sure that its cleaned up afterwards. 

If fitness is what you want to work towards and you have an ideal body that you haven't achieved then put the work into to achieve it, because at the end of the journey to be able to say you worked so hard for where you are is way better than saying "Hydroxycut helped me lose 50lbs" 

If you want anything in your life you will have to make sacrifices, changes and challenge yourself and the only person stopping you is yourself- pull yourself up and take the world on. You can change your life at any age with any career, but you have to be the one that wants to make the change.