Bloating...The Real Party Pooper

I can almost guaranty that that every Boss Babe has dealt with the sh**ty feeling of being bloated before. When your jeans feel just a tad too uncomfortable or that shirt fits a little too tight.  

What is it you ask?

The university of Maryland medical center defines abdominal bloating as:A condition in which the belly (abdomen) feels full and tight. Your belly may look swollen (distended).

Common causes include:

  • Swallowing air
  • Constipation
  • Irritable bowel syndrome 
  • Lactose intolerance and problems digesting other foods
  • Overeating
  • Small bowel bacterial overgrowth 
  • Weight gain

What I do to help keep the bloating away 

Now unfortunately sometimes you may fall victims to bloating's evil ways but here are some awesome tricks that I use to help mitigate that uncomfortable feeling and help give me a boost of confidence when it happens! 

1. Is the pop really worth it?

I like to stay away from all pops (including sugar free) whenever I can. Some peoples tolerance may vary but I find for my sensitive stomach it best to stay away from the extra gas. Water for me is always the best options along with teas such as green and jasmine, as well has BCAAs to sip on for some extra flavor but watch out for any unwanted Sugar Alcohols.


2.  Warm/Hot Yoga 

This is one of my favorite photoshoot tricks! Although sweating out excess water is only a quick fix its a great extra measure to take when preparing for a big event! I am a huge fan of "warm" classes which sit at around plus 25-28 degree Celsius in comparison to Bikram where classes sit at around 37-40 degrees Celsius. Besides the great sweat I like to do my yoga classes at night, leaving me well rested, calm, and ready for a good night sleep. 

3. Chewing Smarter 

Lately I have been turning my phone off and any distractions while I eat. This not only helps me to fully enjoy my meal but to sloooowww down. Eating too fast may cause you to swallow excess air which is one of the leading causes of abdominal bloating. Next time try slowing down, having a conversation at the table (if applicable) , and enjoying! 


Here are just a FEW of my tips and tricks that I love, stay tuned for more on The Boss Babe Movement